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Kiro’s Lounge

Kiro’s Lounge: Good Food in Not-So-Clean Surroundings

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Basma Mostafa
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Kiro’s Lounge: Good Food in Not-So-Clean Surroundings

spite of the fact that we encountered tremendous difficulty tracking down the
exact location of Kiro’s Lounge, it was worth every last ounce of our energy. Located
on Yousef Abbas Street
in Nasr City,
the restaurant features an all-encompassing menu with cuisine from Rome, Mexico,
Paris and even Beirut.

we first entered the restaurant, we were very sceptical; the smell of shisha
was suffocating, and when we asked the maitre d’ for a non-smoking table, he
shook his head in faux apology and said there weren’t any available tables.

we were finally seated, we found leftover cigarette butts in our ashtray and
that caused us to grimace even further. The orange and beige fabric of the
seats was stained and the waiters’ clothes were smudged with what appeared to
be food remains; so we hoped the kitchen was better taken care of.

menu at Kiro’s Lounge is divided according to the cuisine’s country of origin, which
was a nuisance to go through as each section had appetisers, main dishes and
desserts of its own. There is also a separate bottle-shaped menu for beverages.
We ordered fresh guava juice (13.99LE), which was pleasant yet mundane, and left less room
for our food.  

we placed our orders, two dishes of fajitas were served to neighbouring tables.
The scent that followed was mouth-watering, and made us look forward to and
regret our choice of orders at the same time.

the Mexican section of the menu, we ordered crispy chicken strips (25.99LE) served
with honey mustard dip. The strips were a bit flavourless, but the crispy outer
layer was delicious. Although we expected the appetiser to arrive before the
main dishes, it didn’t.

strenuous thought, we finally settled on spicy Mexican chicken (50.99LE), which
wasn’t as spicy as we would have liked it to be, but it was delightfully delicious
nonetheless. The chicken was cooked with kidney beans, shredded red and green
pepper and sweet corn. Also off the Mexican menu, we ordered Mexican chicken
tomato (51.99LE), which had almost no tomato; but tasted amazing. You can order
two sides of sautéed vegetables, rice, French fries and mashed potato or one
side of pasta.

restaurant had several LCD screens for karaoke nights, but you need to call beforehand
and make a reservation.    

As for desserts, Kiro’s Lounge has something to
satisfy everybody. The French section of the menu has crêpes (21.99LE) and
chocolate cake (20.99LE), while the Lebanese section boasts more local desserts
like om ali (18.99LE) and fruit salad (11.99LE).

360 Tip

Don't let the restaurant's interior discourage you; looks can be deceiving.

Best Bit

Heaping servings of food. Parking spots are easy to find.

Worst Bit

The surroundings are not the most hygienic.

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