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La Fraise

La Fraise: Cool Takeaway Cocktails in Heliopolis

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Basma Mostafa
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La Fraise: Cool Takeaway Cocktails in Heliopolis

Given Egypt’s sunny weather throughout most of the year and its
moderately cold winter season, cold drinks can be enjoyed at any time of the
year. There’s nothing quite like a cold and fresh fruit juice to set your mind at

Located on Nabil El Wakad
Street, a tiny juice shop called La Fraise – French
for strawberry – offers a wide array of icy juices for you to pick up and take

The juice shop basically consists of a counter and a
room behind the counter where all the fresh juices are prepared. The atmosphere is both colourful
and lively, partly due to the photos of fruits on the walls, while a bowl
of fruit dominates the centre of the counter with chocolate bars scattered around

Although choosing what to drink may normally feel like shooting a fish in a
barrel, this is not the case with La Fraise. Choosing from their wide array of
chocolate-based drinks and any of the fruit juices has proven to be quite difficult;
you just can’t skim through the menu and know exactly what you want; especially
when there are so many delicious options to choose from. Furthermore, there is
no pricing on the menu; meaning you either take a wild guess or ask the cashier
about every single item on the menu, which may prolong your ordering process.

La Fraise offers mouth-wateringly delicious candy shakes (13LE), which combine your favourite chocolate bar such as Snickers, Mars or Kit
Kat with iced milk, ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce in a blender.
And if you’re in the mood for hot chocolate, La Fraise has recently expanded
into hot drinks too, giving you the chance to add a melted chocolate bar to
your hot chocolate.  

All-chocolate drinks are not the only drinks that La Fraise excels at;
pure fresh fruit juices (8LE) are lighter and healthier options. You can also
mix two or more fruits together for a more unique taste. And it doesn’t just
stop there; the fruit mania continues with smoothies and fruit salads. Of
course, you’re completely free to choose your favourite fruits; crushed
fruits are constantly fresh, adding a thicker texture to the smoothies.

Not only does La Fraise offer a vast variety of juices; but you can also add
additional toppings like ice cream, chocolate, nuts and fruit (2LE to 3LE). The
icy-cold options are packed in a mid-sized plastic cup with a dome to prevent

Full of both healthy and sinful options, La Fraise’s
shakes and juices are cheap and tasty takeaway options if you’re in the Heliopolis area.

360 Tip

La Fraise closes shop during prayer times, so avoid paying it a visit.

Best Bit

Drinks are prepared instantly while you wait; they are fresh and healthy without preservatives.

Worst Bit

A group of five can easily overcrowd the juice shop. There is no pricing on the menu.

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