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Le Gout Cafe and Restaurant

Le Gout: Laidback lunch at the Novotel Cairo

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Le Gout: Laidback lunch at the Novotel Cairo

Fresh, fulfilling
salads are a hot commodity in the city of Cairo. We’re often disappointed with
the choices that we have and delightfully surprised when a delicious bed of
greens are laid out in front of us.

Located in the Hotel Novotel
Cairo El Borg on the Gezira Corniche (just round the corner from the Cairo
Opera House and Kasr El Nil Bridge), Le Gout is another great lunch option when
you’re in the area. Head through the front doors of the lower lobby and you’ll
find Le Gout directly on the right.

Functioning as a chic
café, the modern decor and leather seating will leave you feeling relaxed in a
matter of moments. El Gout’s glass restaurant front provides great natural
lighting, so we recommend grabbing a seat by the window.

The staff are a
little overly attentive; so don’t allow that to make you feel rushed. Assuring
them that you need some time might be necessary. A basket of warm mini-baguettes
and kaiser buns are complimentary.

Juice cocktails,
sodas and coffee options are in abundance on the menu. With various concoctions
of fruit juices and syrup, the cocktails (25LE to 30LE) include the berry very;
an overly sweet and tangy juice cocktail that looks pretty in its glass.

For 27LE, the zorba
salad was undeniably one of the best that we’ve had in a long time. Served in a
groovy white bowl, evenly chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese are
paired with sliced kalamata olives and topped with a dash of pesto. The
dressing of olive oil and herbs was refreshing and light. Other appetisers
(20LE to 40LE) include soups, and both warm and cold mezzas.

Main dishes vary
greatly including chicken and crêpes. Seafood and beef options range from 60LE
to 90LE, while lighter dishes are more moderately priced. Fried calamari (49LE)
comes paired with piping hot French fries. Tender and perfectly crunchy, the
disappointing portion size was not enough to fill you up.

When it comes to the standard
Italian dishes, Le Gout has you covered with over four pasta and sauce combinations.
For 30LE, the vegetable sauce includes sun-dried tomatoes, stir-fried zucchini,
onion and tomato; finished off with basil and parmesan. While the sun-dried
tomatoes and parmesan were nowhere to be found, the stir-fried vegetables were
palatable, pairing well with the beef-filled tortellini.

Leaving us stuffed
with no room for dessert, a few did look tempting including the fresh fruit
platter (28LE) and the chef’s dessert plate; a crêpe topped with ice cream,
nuts and honey.

El Gout is useful to
keep in mind when you’re in the Gezira area and looking for a fresh bite; who
can pass up a fresh bed of greens?  

360 Tip

Don’t miss the crêpe menu in the back; it’s easy to pass over.

Best Bit

The quiet ambience makes for a great laidback meal.

Worst Bit

Feeling rushed just isn’t cool.

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