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Lychee: New Zamalek Juice Shop Making Fruit Cool Again

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Jessica Noble
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Lychee: New Zamalek Juice Shop Making Fruit Cool Again
Nestled firmly on the bustling Brazil Street in Zamalek, Lychee is a new, fun place to grab a vitamin-packed smoothie or some fresh fruit. Amongst all the fast food, cupcakes and ice cream that has taken over the hearts and minds of Cairenes in recent years, Lychee presents a new, cosmopolitan concept that proves that juice can be cool too.
Outdoors and in, Lychee uses a bright palette of colours, artistically splattered and painted onto natural wood furnishings. Not dissimilar to an actual lychee fruit, the shop has a solid outdoor shell, encasing sweet, inner fruit.

The shop is fairly small, with just one table to sit at, encouraging a fast moving, grab-and-go system. The long lists of fruit cocktails and smoothies are artistically displayed on blackboards on either side of a collection of drink dispensers filled with fruit juices available to taste. Introducing an interactive system, there are also two iPads on the wall allowing you to browse the menu, create your own smoothie and place your order with their own Lychee App before paying at the counter. Alongside fruity concoctions, a range of hot drinks, teas and coffees, are also available (6LE-13LE).     

On the opposite wall, there are several crates filled with fresh fruit which are delivered daily. At the time of our visit, hearty pineapples were being sold at 22LE per piece and bananas for 15LE per kilo, while apples   a mixture of raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry,
banana and yoghurt. We also went for a Mango
City (16LE) which combines mango, strawberry, banana and milk. A sugar-free option
is available, along with a ‘create your own’ (16LE) which allows you to
mix up to any four ingredients.

The smoothies were prepared and handed over quickly in a cardboard sleeve to stop our fingers from freezing. The Berry Land was deliciously sweet as well as being thick and creamy from the added yoghurt. As we predicted, the Mango City was also superb with the strong, sugary taste of mango largely overpowering the other fruits.

Forget a heavy breakfast and coffee; swap your morning energiser for a filling, detoxing fruit boost. We love Lychee’s fresh, natural vibe, not to mention their scrumptious smoothies.

360 Tip

Lychee deliver to the lucky residents of Zamalek. Call 01002020221.

Best Bit

The smoothies are both healthy and delicious – a combination which is often difficult to find in Cairo.

Worst Bit

No dairy-free yoghurt.

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