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Mandarine Koueider

Mandarine Koueider: Delicious Lunch & Desserts in New Cairo

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Sara Abdel Aziz
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Mandarine Koueider: Delicious Lunch & Desserts in New Cairo
To anyone familiar with Mandarine Koueider, it comes as no surprise that the patisserie is considered the par excellence go-to when the craving of sweets, Oriental or western, haunts your existence. So imagine our glee when the opportunity arose to try out the establishment’s dining (yes, actual dining!) experience at the Downtown Katameya Mall in New Cairo.

Making our way over on a Thursday afternoon, we started with an order of the Banana Berry cocktail (20LE), which was smooth, light and delectable, although we
enjoyed the sipping more than blending-in-the-syrup-with-the-drink experience in
order to balance out the taste.

As for the appetisers, we decided to give the breaded mozzarella sticks (27LE) a go; served nice and hot, the soft, delicious sticks came with a honey mustard dip.

From the extensive menu, we settled for the chicken Milano and the chicken fajitas (52LE each). The former consisted of perfectly grilled chicken with smoked turkey on top, served with a scrumptious cheesy cream sauce and accompanied with sautéed vegetables, as well as potato wedges.

The chicken fajitas came in the form of strips of chicken mixed with caramelized onions and yellow, green and red peppers on a piping hot platter; the smell itself was tantalising enough to send us over the moon. The dish was also accompanied with the typical servings of guacamole, pico de galo, cheddar cheese, sour cream and diced tomatoes with cilantro. The drawback? The supplementary tortillas, while pleasant, were pretty cold.

Although we were looking forward to the ‘low-calorie salad’, they were all out so we tried out the Rocca salad (32LE) instead; composed of ruccola, parmesan cheese, mushrooms tossed in a balsamic vinegar dressing with hints of mustard.

The best was definitely saved for last as we dug into the dessert. No words can express just how much we absolutely loved the Supreme Brownie Sundae (28LE) and the Yoghurt Lovers (25LE). The heavenly sundae consisted of chewy homemade brownies with a scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice-cream, topped with warm, gooey chocolate syrup.

Equally orgasmic, the Yoghurt Lovers was three divine scoops of frozen yoghurt drenched in blackberry sauce and garnished with three flower-shaped cookies.

The dessert came just in time as the mall began filling up; Mandarine Koueider maintained its crowd as night rolled around and proved itself to be a pleasant, laid back venue. Eager throngs of customers made their way into the spacious outdoor area of the restaurant whilst some opted to dine in the shisha-smoking extension just a few metres away. Those who wished for a warmer environment stayed in the spacious and brightly-lit indoor area where pastries adorned the shelves; Oriental sweets, gateaux, chocolates and cakes – it is also inside that ice cream lovers can get their favourite ice-cream flavours to go.

Overall, we paid 290LE for a more-than-satisfying dining experience: quality dishes with portions that leave you full and efficiently quick service.

Mandarine Koueider can definitely expect us to pop by again for more tasty treats.

360 Tip

You don’t necessarily have to dine in; you can also order sweets to go, sip coffee and enjoy some shisha in the smoking extension.

Best Bit

The desserts! To pass on such heavenly creations would be a cardinal sin.

Worst Bit

The cold tortillas (although highly pardonable).

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