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Mandarine Koueider

Mandarine Koueider: Legendary Cairo Ice Cream

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Mandarine Koueider:  Legendary Cairo Ice Cream

Koueider is the legendary Zamalek sweet shop owned by Syrian family that
founded the Koueider name over 90 years ago in Damascus.   Mohamed Selim Koueider came to Egypt in 1926
with a dream to open a sweet shop in Cairo, and just two years later in 1928,
that dream was realized with his first Downtown location.  

generations and six shops later, the sweet shops are considered by many to be the
best in Cairo for their oriental sweets, though Abdel Rahim Koueider and Mandarine Koueider are now no longer affiliated.

Located on Shagaret
El Dor Street across from Pub 28, Mandarine Koueider’s sweets are fresh, tasty and not
too expensive, though still more expensive than some competitors. Konafa and baklawa
are the highlights, while the double cream-filled Turkish delight is also a
popular choice. A kilo of assorted
confections will set you back about 60LE. Mandarine Koueider also offers a
selection of French pastries and tarts, and of course, ice cream, which often draws
an after-dinner family crowd.  

include various fruits, frozen yogurt with berries, and at least four kinds of
chocolate– plain, nutella, with nuts, or with bits of chocolate, for 4.50LE a
scoop. Some swear by them, but we think the downtown location does it better, and at half
the price. Try the frozen-yoghurt-with-berry cake; the perfect ice cream cake
to take to a dinner party. It’s delicious and also low on the calories; or so
they claim.

The Koueider family
was renowned for creating new sweets like chocolate dates and Turkish delight
with double cream. Today, it’s renowned for keeping that tradition alive.

360 Tip

Try their ice cream for your own verdict and sample their konafa too.

Best Bit

Quality sweets that you can take to your future mother-in-law’s.

Worst Bit

At twice the price of its competitors, we’re not sure it’s merited.

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