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Maybe Two

Maybe Two: Healthy Treats in Zamalek

  • 5, Aboul Feda Sreet
  • Dairy & Ice Cream
  • 10AM-12AM; 10AM-1AM on weekends -
reviewed by
Ahmed El Mezeny
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Maybe Two: Healthy Treats in Zamalek

Located just around the corner from Coffee Bean And
Tea Leaf
in Zamalek, is Maybe Two, a dessert shop serving the healthy
alternative to ice cream: frozen yogurt.

The shop itself is small but designed with brilliant
minimalism. The inside space seems almost barren, its bleached white walls carry only a colourful menu featuring the offered items
and prices. Behind the counter bearing several yummy toppings are two frozen
yogurt machines. Outside and above the glass shop front, a white megaphone blares
out chill tunes.

The hand sanitizer bolted to the wall speaks
volumes about the impeccable hygiene of this shop. Considering the endless
number of messages on the fliers claiming this to be a completely healthy and
low-fat treat, you’re probably going to find many diet-conscious eaters here.

Maybe Two carries three flavours of frozen yogurt: plain,
watermelon and Maybe Two; a blend of fruits in an amusingly blue colour. All
the flavours are equally tasty and sweet with a tangy finish; though we have our personal
doubts that the fruit
flavours are really as low-fat as the plain yogurt flavour; they were simply
too tasty! 

If you don’t like your frozen yogurt plain, you can
add a variety of syrups (caramel, strawberry or chocolate) and toppings including
fresh fruit (some not so fresh; berries were defrosted and the apples were
browning), cereals and an assortment of packaged chocolates.

A tub of plain yogurt with four toppings will set you
back 42LE, while the same helping of Maybe Two or watermelon will set you back
46LE, which is ridiculously expensive for an ice-cream dessert.

With frozen yogurt being a rare if impossible
find in Cairo, Maybe
Two is your best bet for a healthy and sweet treat. We only wish that they’d
reconsider their prices; after all you’re buying a cup of frozen yogurt not a
kilo of lean meat.

360 Tip

Don't ask for takeaway or your tasty treat will be nothing more than colourful juice in twenty minutes.

Best Bit

The minimal modern decor and amazing hygiene.

Worst Bit

With prices like these, you're better off putting your own strawberry yogurt in the freezer.

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