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Mugshot Café and Lounge

Mugshot Café and Lounge: New Outdoor Café in Maadi

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Janan Omar
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Mugshot Café and Lounge: New Outdoor Café in Maadi
Having opened its doors within the last three weeksMugshot Café and Lounge has already gathered a loyal following
among Maadi youths. Conveniently located on Road Nine between Villa 55
and the newer, funky Pottery Café, this latest addition provides patrons in
Maadi with an alternative venue for their coffee and shisha fix.

Mugshot Café and Lounge provides all the basic offerings that we’ve come to
expect, including a wide variety of shisha flavours (priced between 8LE to 18LE
depending on the flavour and type), and fresh juice and cocktail combos.
Feeling traditional? Try the sugar cane juice (10LE) for a refreshing and tasty

With Beano’s, Coffee Bean, Greco and Cilantro all on the same street,
Mugshot Café and Lounge quickly picked up on the people’s demands for creamy,
refreshing frappés. Kudos to them for their creativity in offering unique flavours,
such as peanut butter and cinnamon (both 25LE). This reviewer stuck with the
classic caramel and was not disappointed. The drink even comes with a generous
sprinkling of chocolate cereal on top, leaving you with a delicious, mushy

Despite having the word lounge in its name, Mugshot is more of a casual caf
é that attracts a young crowd. It is also a great place if you are a sports fan. A
large projector screen against their back wall makes it a great spot to go to with
your friends and cheer on your favourite team. Just make sure that you’ve made a reservation.

The food is straightforward and simple. Currently, they only provide food
listed on their Ramadan menu- which is quite extensive in itself. Indulge in
the typical mezza fan-fare such as the cheese and tomato dip (12LE) or try the
meat sambousak (25LE). For those looking for more than just a snack, they offer
a variety of different tagine dishes such as the okra with lamb meat (35LE) and
other main dishes such as beef fillet or shish tawouk (65LE and 35LE

The only real downside to Mugshot is that it is located shoulder-to-shoulder
next to the Maadi metro station, making the venue a little noisy at times.
Although annoying at first, you will be surprised at how quickly you become
immune to the ruckus. Despite this small inconvenience, Mugshot is still a
great place for a quick bite while watching your favourite game, or for
catching up with friends in a casual and no-frills environment. 

360 Tip

If you plan on going after fetar, or on any day with a big game on, we highly recommend a reservation.

Best Bit

Ice cold frappés with yummy chocolate cereal on top!

Worst Bit

They are still in the midst of opening, so not everything on the menu is always available.

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