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Nola Cupcakes

Nola Cupcakes: Popular Cupcake Store Opens Up in Cairo Festival City Mall

  • Inside Cairo Festival City Mall - Level 3 In front of H&M
  • Bakeries & Patisseries
  • 9AM - 11PM -
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Aliaa Serry
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Nola Cupcakes: Popular Cupcake Store Opens Up in Cairo Festival City Mall

It’s definitely hard to keep impressing after being around for quite some time, but Nola somehow seems to be constantly on top of its game. If it isn’t a new branch popping up, it’s some new creation; they always have some kind of surprise up their sleeve for us.

Located in Cairo Festival City Mall, Nola’s newest branch boasts its signature Mint-dominated colour scheme and whimsical, Alice-In-Wonderland-Like interior. With huge cupcake displays to the left and an adequate seating area consisting of white, floral chairs and tables to the right, the place feels quite cosy yet chic. The dangling chandelier and bright lighting of the place also add a nice touch, as well as the blackboard with the menu sprawled on it in colourful chalk.

Walking in and taking a quick look at the cupcake displays, we were greeted by one of the two servers present at the time. Friendly, informative and quite amicable, he helped us choose flavours that best suited our mood.

Offering cupcakes (8.5-14 LE) in all imaginable flavours, Nola doesn’t stop at that, with several flavours of Cronuts (12-15 LE), as well as Cheesecake Cups (14-15 LE) available. The cupcakes are also offered in three sizes: regular, mini (31.5 LE/7 pieces) and grand.

Opting for quite a mixture of the regular-sized cupcakes, we went for the Pralines N’ Cream (13 LE),  Red Velvet (10.5 LE), Chocolate Peanut Butter (12 LE), Chocolate (12 LE) and Blueberry (10 LE) ones. Our verdict? All of them, without an exception, tasted fresh, creamy and absolutely lip-smacking. Our favourites, however, were the Pralines N’ Cream and the Chocolate Peanut Butter, whose frostings were unbelievably decadent.  

In a nutshell, being one of the main initiators of the cupcake trend in Egypt, Nola is definitely held on a pedestal when it comes to us always expecting the best of the best from them. Judging by the lovely staff, the breath-taking design of the place and the undeniable freshness of the cupcakes, Nola both met and exceeded our expectations.

360 Tip

If you want to experiment with multiple flavours, go for the box of 7 minis and try several flavours at once!

Best Bit

The cupcakes were definitely some of the best in town and we loved the brief conversation we had with the uber pleasant server!

Worst Bit

The frosting on some of the cupcakes, like the Red Velvet, was a tad too heavy for out taste.

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