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Pancakes: On-the-go Fresh Desserts and Coffee in 6th of October

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  • El Ma'had Street - Next to Kazyon
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Pancakes: On-the-go Fresh Desserts and Coffee in 6th of October

Pancakes may not be convenient to get to, but it is definitely worth visiting if you’re already in the 6th of October, Motamayez, or Hossary areas. It is an aesthetically pleasing place to be; the indoor space is cheerful, cosy, and bright. It’s the perfect place to go for a late-night sweet-tooth run or an early morning coffee.

The menu is not complicated; it’s mainly mini pancakes, Belgian waffles, churros sticks and churros bites. For those items, you can choose to add fruit, sauces, chocolates, sprinkles, nuts, or spreads. To complement those sweets, you have a range of coffees to choose from; Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, and so on. We went to check Pancakes out on a Sunday, late at night – there were four other tables occupied, which meant it should be a good spot.

We headed towards the counter to see the menu and opted for 1 Churros sticks (40LE) – 5 sticks of fried churros with sugar and cinnamon. We decided to try as many toppings as we could, so we topped each stick with a different topping. Nutella, White Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel and Lotus – they all rounded up to an extra 17LE. The churros were hot and crunchy, a bit on the over-fried side to our taste, but still above average. As for the toppings, Nutella will always be a winner in that race, but the caramel and lotus were also a great bite. The strawberry sauce itself was tasty, but didn’t suit the churros, while the white chocolate was clumpy; it didn’t look very appealing.

We also ordered the Mini Pancakes (35LE) – 10 mini pieces of pancakes topped with Nutella and white chocolate. The server suggested adding lotus on top as well, so we did for an extra 10LE. On the side, we got one Americano (20LE) – to get a taste of the coffee they serve. The pancakes were not hot, which was a disappointment, on the plus side, the recommendation we were given was on-point. The lotus really gave a tasty twist to the white chocolate covered pancakes. On the other hand, Nutella and lotus together wasn’t the best mix – both flavours are strong, so they didn’t mesh well together. An Americano is usually a very powerful and bitter drink on its own, but this one was very average – the coffee wasn’t delicious or particularly impressive in taste.

We had fun at Pancakes, even though the order did take an inexplicably long time to come – that is probably why the pancakes came out cold. However, all in all, it’s a nice stop if someone is running an errand or lives in the area. The place is, most importantly, clean and the prices are reasonable.

360 Tip

White chocolate and lotus together as a topping is absolutely delicious.

Best Bit

The mini pancakes.

Worst Bit

Taking a long time to prepare the order.                            

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