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Satisfy Your Ramadan Sweet Tooth: Every Dessert Spot in the Capital

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Satisfy Your Ramadan Sweet Tooth: Every Dessert Spot in the Capital
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During Ramadan, our consumption and ability to eat kunafa, baklava and basbousa goes through the roof. These desserts, and more, are best friends to all Egyptians; they are perfect for every gathering whether you’re with your friends or family. Indeed, any Iftar or Sohour table must be filled to the brim with desserts.

Sweets do not just cater to your sweet tooth, but also provide energy and calories to sustain the body while fasting during Ramadan. Traditional sweets of the Arab world have been refined through the ages until they have reached their current form, and they are still changing every year, as the desserts are becoming more and more modern, with additions like Lotus and Nutella.

Check out our guide on where to get the best sweet treats in town to complete your Ramadan.

The Batter Half & Co.

The folks at The Batter Half & Co. will truly elevate your Ramadan dessert experience with their offerings; whether it’s their Konafa Nutella, their Basbousa Red Velvet, and/or their Baklawa with Cream, make sure you give their Ramadan Dessert Menu a try!


Delight has a lot of creative offerings this Ramadan, from Blueberry Konafa, to Pumkin Konafa, and so much more. As such, make sure you pay these folks a visit. You can also call them on 16469, and have them deliver your dessert to your doorstep. 

House of Cocoa 

House of Cocoa is known for their amazing chocolates. During the holy month, however, the folks at House of Cocoa also becomes home to a selection of the Ramadan desserts that we all love to indulge in. That being said, our favourite option has to be their mini-konafa cups, as this ensures we can try out a variety of House of Cocoa’s konafa creations.


Nowadays, Ramadan is known for its super strange desserts. We mean, we’ve witnessed kunafa with watermelon and cola, zalabya cheesecake, and basbousa topped with kunafa. Last year TBS introduced their cronafa dessert, which is a croissant rolled in kunafa. This year they’re back with something equally interesting that is called El-Basmoolah.


For those looking for a different Ramadan dessert, make sure you check out Sultana’s creative ice cream cake creations for the season. Indeed, the folks at Sultana are offering Mango Basbousa With Vanilla & Mango Ice Cream; Baklava Ice Cream Cake; and Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream Kunafa. 

L’amandine Patisserie

Established in 1988, the folks at L’amandine Patisserie have mastered the delicate art of Ramadan desserts. Make sure you try out their Konafa Tart, Halawet El Jibn, and Konafa Volcano. 


This shop is known for its delicious, yet affordable, oriental sweets. Offering a wide variety of kunafa and bowls full of happiness, find Tortina in every corner of Cairo.


This Ramadan, end the Iftar meal on a sweet note with freshly baked desserts from Nola. Their dessert menu is to die for this month, as they have their famous Lotus kunafa layered cake.

Mandarine Koueider

Opening our eyes to the world, Kouider was there before any of us millennials were. Their authentic stores and desserts are essential to any Egyptian household.

Salé Sucré Pâtisserie

One of the only sweet shops in Egypt that makes the famous mango kunafa, and Nutella kunafa so very deliciously. They are also home to some of the smoothest Egyptian basbousa and baklava.


Adding luxury to your desserts, this relative newcomer has a mouthwatering Ramadan menu that makes our hearts skip a beat.


Introducing oriental and western pastries with the finest ingredients, Etoile has become a Ramadan staple. This year the folks at Etoile have created Coffee Kunafa cake, bringing together all of our favourite ingredients; sugar, cake, kunafa, and coffee.

La Poire

La Poire has invented Om Ali with Lotus, and that makes us tear up with happiness by just thinking about its taste.


Monginis has been with us since childhood, and their desserts elevate any Ramadan gathering.

El Abd

Halwet el Jebn and Balah el Sham will satisfy your cravings with their amazing menu and breathtaking desserts.

Pistachio Dessert 

Perfect place for all those classic basbousa lovers that can’t stop eating the dessert in or out of Ramadan.


Introducing French and oriental pastries to Egypt, this little store has been there for years and years. As such, they have mastered the delicate art of basbousa and kunafa.