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TBS: Introducing El-Basmoolah This Ramadan

Nowadays, Ramadan is known for its super strange desserts. We mean, we’ve witnessed kunafa with watermelon and cola, zalabya cheesecake, and basbousa topped with kunafa. Last year TBS introduced their cronafa dessert, which is a croissant rolled in kunafa. This year they’re back with something equally interesting that is called El-Basmoolah.

In case you’re wondering what Basmoolah is, it’s simply everyone’s favourite Egyptian basbousa joined forces with Syrian Maamool, to create a super cool mashup that surprisingly works!

TBS has 3 Basmoolah flavours; Nutella & Hazelnut (280 LE), Lotus & Almond (280 LE), and Cream & Pistachio (260 LE), which was what we ordered. There’s also the Basmoolah Butler Box (240 LE) which includes 24 Mini Basmoolah Bites that we ordered to try the rest of the flavours.

Starting with the cream & pistachio basmoolah, It came in the form of two layers of basmoolah filled with a layer of rich, smooth cream. The texture of basmoolah was soft and dense like a basbousa, yet crumbly with crisp edges like a maamool, the sweetness was on point, but the presentation doesn’t say that much about this mashup, and the flavours overall was a little bit too buttery. We have to say, we really enjoyed this interesting mix and it’s worth the calories.

As for the butler box, it consisted of 24 pieces of mini basmoolah Nutella, mini basmoolah Lotus, mini basmoolah apricot, mini basmoolah prune, mini basmoolah date, and mini basmoolah fig. Trying out the mini bites was very interesting for us since the texture was quite different from the one whole basmoolah. The mini bites felt like modern Middle Eastern cookies as they were crispy on the outside, yet the texture was very chewy in a pleasant way. We know basbousa with Nutella might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these mini bites were more of a biscuit, which is why we really liked the Nutella with this one! Lotus, on the other hand, it was more of a butter bomb.

The buttery flavours from the basmoolah and the Lotus spread were just a bit overwhelming. Meanwhile, the apricot, figs, prune, and date were all just sprinkles on top of the cream filling, but the main issue was that the basmoolah bites on its own were chewy, and super chewy dried fruits took this to the unpleasant side of chewiness. We ended up removing the toppings and just enjoyed the cream filling on its own.

All in all, we really liked TBS’ basmoolah as a whole and as mini bites. Both were quite different in terms of flavours, texture, and the experience of eating it in general. It’s simple, straightforward, and thankfully, not overdone. Not to mention the fantastic packaging!


360 Tip

You can order your Basmoolah from the morning and ask them to deliver it right before Iftar!

Best Bit

We loved the concept of Basmoolah.

Worst Bit

The dried fruit mini bites were extremely chewy.

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