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Scoops: Delicious Ice Cream at Nile City Towers

  • Nile City Towers Mall, 2005 Corniche El Nil
  • Dairy & Ice Cream
  • 11AM-midnight -
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Jessica Noble
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Scoops: Delicious Ice Cream at Nile City Towers

Yet another purveyor of frozen yoghurt and ice cream in Cairo has opened its doors! New at Nile City Towers, Scoops is actually pretty good, offering real Italian Ice-cream – or ‘Gelato’ to Italians – as well as tasty frozen yoghurt. We marched along the concourse to their small, bright pink corner shop to try out their chilled desserts.   

The space itself is small but adequate, sporting two large glass counters; one brimming over with tempting ice creams and the other full of tens of colourful toppings. Unfortunately, there is no seating area, meaning that take-away is the only practical solution.

Offering both natural and flavoured yoghurts, prices range 20LE-49LE, with the flavoured varieties – which only featured chocolate at the time of our visit – costing only slightly more. We went for a natural small frozen yoghurt with three different toppings; chocolate chip, Kit Kat and granola (29LE) which turned out to be an excellent combination, perfectly complimenting the icy, bitter-sweet, sharp taste of the natural yoghurt.

Scoops of Gelato Italiano ice cream range at 13LE-34LE, whilst 400 gram tubs are 68LE and 750 gram tubs are 99LE. To help us decide which flavour to choose, we were given testers of the Ooh La La La Oreo Gelato, Vixeny Vanilla and the Playful Pistachio. All the ice creams were delicious, and almost positively authentic, with the Oreo ice cream tasting incredibly chocolaty with a rich biscuit aftertaste; meanwhile, the vanilla was creamy and fresh, whilst the pistachio boasted a good balance of sweet and nutty.

Rather than purchasing a straightforward ice cream, something more unique caught our eye. Scoops sells brightly-coloured flower pots filled with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or mango ice-cream, topped with chocolate crumbles and a fake flower for 22LE. We went for the exotic mango flavour – a choice we didn’t regret. Although the chocolate topping was delicious on itself, and even chewy in parts, the chocolate-mango combination didn’t quite work.     

Alongside the ice cream range, fun-looking Gelato pops – essentially lolly pops of ice-cream – are priced at 14LE each, 74LE for 6 or 119LE for 12. You can also grab a caramel, vanilla or chocolate milkshake for 30LE, or an espresso for 12LE.

Scoops’ branding doesn’t distinguish itself much from its numerous competitors, and generally doesn’t do it justice, because their ice cream truly is delicious – and that’s what really counts!

360 Tip

Scoops is operated by IRG; a group that also runs Casper & Gambini’s, as well as Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro.

Best Bit

The cute flower pot ice creams.

Worst Bit

There's no seating area - what if we wanted to sit around and eat loads?

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