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Snö Gelato – سنو جيلاتو

Snö Gelato: Newly Opened Ice-Cream Parlour in Maadi

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  • 17 St. 206, Degla Maadi
  • Dairy & Ice Cream
  • 10:30 - 23:59
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Kareem Sheta
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Snö Gelato: Newly Opened Ice-Cream Parlour in Maadi

One of the unique aspects of ice-cream is that you can eat it all year long. Whether it’s freezing outside or you’re sweating profusely, there’s always time for a few deliciously creamy scoops of delectable ice-cream. Since we’re on the topic, we should mention a little ice-cream shop that recently opened up in Degla Maadi, right next to Volume 1, an area which many residents of the neighbourhood will be familiar with. Its name is Snö Gelato, where the quality of samples and overall atmosphere tick off a lot of boxes.

Let’s start with the outside and work our way in. The exterior façade gives a cosy vibe with the simple logo on top, shining in a fluorescent yellow, with some beautiful artwork decorating the entrance, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Italian Flag, home of the inventor of “Il gelato”! As you walk inside, it isn’t exactly the most spacious, but it’s big enough to move around comfortably. Seating is a tad limited as there are just two long benches, inside and outside the parlour. However, when it comes to practicality, all you’re really after is the ice-cream, which you can savour while enjoying the streets of Maadi.

We now move on to the service and flavours. Regarding the service, the staff was very friendly with smiles on their faces and a positive aura (not to mention that our server was generous with the size of the scoops, so that may have also played an influencing factor in our judgement). Though the degree of satisfaction may not have been fully equivalent when it came to taste, overall, we enjoyed our choices from their vast selection of delicious flavours.

What did we try? Well, each of us paid 55 LE for two scoops, including Tiramisu, Salted Caramel, Banana, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Hands down, the winner was the Tiramisu, which truly conveyed the rich dark flavour of the classic coffee-flavoured Italian dessert. Not only could we sense the hints of espresso and cocoa, there were also ladyfingers; a signature component of Tiramisu.

Our only advice or comment would probably be to enhance the flavours a bit for some of the remaining options. We do not deny the excellent quality, but in order to appeal to the pickier segment of ice-cream fanatics. For instance, in the case of the cheesecake, the taste of the strawberry extract could have been stronger, as we felt it was a tad diluted. Same goes to the Salted Caramel. As for the banana, it tasted a bit more artificial when compared to the genuine taste of the Tiramisu.

In conclusion, we definitely recommend you pay a visit to Snö Gelato, and we really hope that its predicted increase in popularity and customers does not affect the service or quality. We still have a lot more flavours to try out!

360 Tip

Open daily from 10.00 to 12.00AM.

Best Bit

The Tiramisu ice cream.

Worst Bit

The artificial flavour of the banana ice cream.

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