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Under 150LE: The Ultimate Guide to Budget Friendly Ka7k, and Other Eid Treats

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Under 150LE: The Ultimate Guide to Budget Friendly Ka7k, and Other Eid Treats
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Cairo 360

We have previously compiled a listicle containing everything you could possibly want to know about what Cairo’s biggest dessert shops have lined up for Eid, including prices. Today, however, we are doing something a bit different.

Because we understand that planning a trip to Sahel for Eid, eating out at Ramadan tents, and/or inviting tons of people over for some serious food during the Holy Month, may have placed a bit of a dent in your bank account, we have decided to bring you budget friendly options for shopping for Ka7k, and other Eid treats. Bear in mind, that some of these venues do carry items that go for more than 150LE per kilo, but this article is about the most pocket friendly of items. 


This local favourite has been around for decades now, and they have always been budget friendly.  Indeed, plain ka7k goes for 95LE per kilo, while agameya, malban and date ka7k all go for 100LE per kilo, and walnut ka7k goes for 145LE per kilo. Moreover, their selection of Eid Biscuits comes at 80LE per kilo, while the petit four comes at a maximum of 110LE per kilo. 


Sedra has become our go-to spot for Ramadan desserts like konafa, basbossa, 2atayef etc. This year, it looks like they will also become our go-to spot for Ka7k. How come? Well, let’s just say that these guys are offering plain, malban, and date ka7k at 115LE per kilo; plain and pistachio ghourayeba at 120LE and 140LE per kilo, respectively; and plain and orange-flavoured biscuits for only 95LE per kilo. Given the sheer quality of Sedra’s desserts, we were shocked by these pocket friendly prices and options. 

Les Dames:

This relatively new contender has stolen our hearts with their signature cupcakes, and their Eid Ka7k prices. Plain, date, and malban ka7k all come at the price of 110LE per kilo, while petite fours go for 130LE per kilo and Ghourayeba goes for 150LE per kilo. Les Dames also boasts a range of biscuit flavours; orange and cinnamon are for 100LE per kilo, in addition to plain biscuits which go for 70LE per kilo. 

Thomas Patisserie:

Another relatively new comer, Thomas Patisserie has taken over New Cairo and Heliopolis by storm. Their plain ka7k goes for 110LE per kilo, while malban and date ka7k both go for 105LE per kilo. Thomas Patisserie also boasts a wide spectrum of biscuits flavours; in addition to the plain which coasts 100LE per kilo, there are the coconut, chocolate, cinnamon, and orange biscuits which all come at the price of 125LE per kilo. This place also offers plain ghourayeba at the price of 145LE per kilo, as well as vanilla and chocolate petit fours at the price of 140LE per kilo.

Mandarine Koueidar:

The renowned pastry shop’s range of plain, malban and date all go for 110LE per kilo. Vanilla and chocolate petit fours prices range between 130LE and 150LE per kilo, while plain petit fours are for 120LE per kilo. Meanwhile, plain biscuits come at the price of 100LE per kilo.

El Abd:

Starting with the ka7k collection, a kilo of each of the plain, malban, and agameya costs 95LE per kilo, while walnut, and pistachio ka7k go for 140LE per kilo. All biscuits are similarly priced at 85 LE per kilo, while petit fours range between 110LE and 140LE per kilo. 


Etolie’s plain, malban, and dates ka7k all go for 90LE per kilo, walnut ka7k goes for 140LE per kilo, while agameya ka7k goes for 110LE per kilo. As for the plain ghourayeba, it goes for 96LE per kilo, while the nuts ghourayeba goes for 110LE per kilo.  Plain biscuits go for 80LE per kilo, while the flavoured  (chocolate, coconut, and orange) sell for 86LE per kilo. All these prices make this venue the cheapest, when it comes to buying ka7k, biscuits, and ghourayeba. 

Abdel Rahim Koueidar:

Plain, date, and malban ka7k all go for 104LE per kilo, while plain and pistachio ghourayeba go for 120LE and 145LE per kilo, respectively. A kilo of assorted petit fours ranges between 116LE to 150LE, while plain biscuit go for 106LE per kilo.


So there you have it folks, have a budget friendly Eid Cairenes!