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Waltz: Quaint New Bakery in Dokki Offers Traditional & Modern Treats

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Ramy Soliman
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Waltz: Quaint New Bakery in Dokki Offers Traditional & Modern Treats

Cairo has always had a decent amount of local bakeries serving the freshest, most affordable and most delicious bakes. But aside from the traditional petit four, freshly baked mini pizza and fino bread, sometimes we crave some Western-baked goodness which are hard to find in local shops –think some ciabatta bread or croissant with your morning coffee. The newest on Cairo’s bakery map comes in the form of Waltz, a new small bakery which recently opened on Mossadak Street.   

Inside the small baker there’s an obvious Western patisserie aesthetic, with the choice of navy blue colour, touches of wood which added a classy touch and slightly less sophisticated glossy wall with pink and yellow leaves patterns. The place has a small table with high chairs if you want to have your order in store.

Though still in the soft opening phase, Waltz still has a decent variety of pastries to offer from burger buns, ciabatta bread, to mini bites and luscious desserts. We decided to try the Cheese Croissant (9LE), Chocolate Pate (10LE), Mango Mousse (12LE) and Caramel and Peanut butter Cup (15LE).

Starting with the cheese croissant, the croissant itself was soft, flaky and incredibly fresh even though we visited the place at night. We just wish it would’ve been slightly more buttery and had more cheese as we barely felt its presence.

The chocolate pate was just as fresh, loaded with a generous amount of unsweetened bold chocolate flavour which makes it perfect for breakfast.

While most items in the bakery seemed old school, the caramel cup was one of Waltz’s more modern take on desserts. Served as a trifle, the cup consists of layers of super smooth and rich peanut butter frosting and moist chocolate cake topped with peanuts and possibly the best caramel sauce we’ve had in a while. The chocolate cake texture was perfect but the chocolate flavour was too weak and got overpowered by the peanut butter frosting and caramel.

Lastly, we tried the mango mousse. A layer of vanilla cake topped with mango mousse, a thin layer of cream and mango glaze, the mango mousse was perfectly executed but sadly it lacked mango flavour. We can say that it looked the part but let’s just say we expected more.

Waltz is a great bakery addition to Dokki area. It looks promising with its decent variety of fresh bakes and we can’t wait to see what more they have to offer when they fully launch. 

360 Tip

Check out what Waltz has to offer on the bakery’s outdoor blackboard.

Best Bit

Waltz offers great variety of bread and pastries in general.

Worst Bit

We would've liked to feel the presence of cheese in the croissant.

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