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Z9 Playstation Lounge

Z9 Playstation Lounge: Gaming and Dining in Dokki

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Haisam Awad
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Z9 Playstation Lounge: Gaming and Dining in Dokki

nomad Mohamed Zidan has gathered a cult following over his fairly successful
spell in Europe, no more so than in Egypt. The Z9 Playstation Lounge in Dokki is one of
several business ventures that the 29-year-old Port Said native has thrown
money at in Cairo, and it’s promising to be a popular one.

about Z9 is as understatedly flamboyant as the man himself; note his often
colourful footwear on the pitch and the occasional works of art shaved into his
head. White walls and wooden panel floorings are only made to pop by the
furnishings; big black or red couches engulf you as you sit back and take in the

In one
room, three large LCD screens are mounted to the wall with a set of two-person
couches and two stools cupping each of them.

We’re told
the huge VIP room can take up to twelve people, but upon close inspection, we
suspect that to be an ambitious estimate. It does contain a three-person couch,
two chairs and several footstalls that can be used as makeshift seats. The centrepiece
is the 62-inch screen and the Playstation 3, DVD player and digital satellite
box that are all connected to it. It is of course rare that so many people
would congregate to play videogames, so it is often used for big, private
parties and private screenings of football matches.

If the size
of the VIP room is too much for you to handle, smaller yet equally private
rooms are also available as well as a Nintendo Wii room; each one equipped with
its own bathroom.

For a venue
that is a Playstation lounge, the range of games available to play is pretty
appalling. Behind the front desk in the rather large reception area, several
in-wall shelves show off only a handful of games. Three copies of the latest
instalments of football games FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are
available, and are the most popular games.

a pizza will cost you between 25LE and 30LE, while the Z9 snack platter is a
small but satisfying assortment of chicken fingers, fried mozzarella and fried
mushrooms served with cocktail sauce. The dessert menu offers chocolate
brownies (24LE), cheese cake (24LE) and 8LE-per-scoop ice cream among other
things, while prices of the many cocktails range between 14LE and 18LE. The
staff is courteous and helpful, and drinks and food are delivered promptly.

If you go
on your lonesome, an hour of gaming will set you back 20LE, whereas groups of
two or more will pay 30LE per hour. The VIP room costs exactly double that;
40LE per hour for one, and 60LE per hour for groups of two or more.

Though simple in concept, Z9 is an ambitious
attempt at an upscale version of an old formula.

360 Tip

The football season is only weeks away in Europe, and watching a game on the 62-inch TV will cost you 120LE. Split between a group of friends, this is not at all a bad deal.

Best Bit

Sleek and professional gaming venue.

Worst Bit

Limited range of games. Bring your own if you must.

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