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All You Need To Know About The New Egyptian Electric Vehicle

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All You Need To Know About The New Egyptian Electric Vehicle
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    A delegation from the Engineers Syndicate participated in the inauguration ceremony and launch of electric cars in Egypt and presented ten pieces of information regarding the new car type.

    The delegation stated that electric vehicles are environmentally-friendly, their batteries are upgradeable, therefore lowering the cost, and they reduce toxic emissions, compared to petrol and diesel cars. The electric vehicle also reduces fuel consumption by 75%, compared to diesel and petrol, so the cost of driving 10km in an electric car equates to only one pound.

    The delegation also announced the inauguration of 28 training centres for electric vehicle maintenance, saving on annual car maintenance costs, and that the number of electric cars in the world will reach 10 million by 2025. By then, they will have reduced charging time of its batteries.


    Assistant treasurer of the Engineer Syndicate, Eng. Ahmed Hashish, stated that the electric car industry has a promising future in Egypt, especially as it is an environmentally-friendly industry, adding, “this type of car will become the most used in Egypt upon the development of the electric car battery industry and reduction of charging time and cost of manufacture”.

    Eng. Hashish, on behalf of the head of the Engineers Syndicate Hani Dahi, also stated that the Syndicate supports advanced technology that is beneficial to the Egyptian community, and reflected on how electric vehicle manufacture in Egypt started with a dream.

    Head of the Industry Committee at the Engineers Syndicate, Eng. Gamal Askar, announced that the Dolibat Misr company, which manufacture the electric car, will begin to activate cooperation protocols with the Engineers Syndicate. The 28 training centres will be up and running at all Engineers Syndicate headquarters across various Egyptian governorates, to train engineers in the field of electric cars.


    Eng. Askar emphasised that electric cars represent a clean and safe future for motoring, noting that the number of electric vehicles in the world reached 5.1 million in 2018, adding that this number will jump to 10 million by 2025, and continue to rise to 28 million over the years following, “which means the whole world is turning to electric cars” as Eng. Askar put it. Askar also explained how England plans to abolish all use of petrol and gasoline-dependant cars by 2030, in order to completely eliminate toxic emissions and preserve the health of its citizens.

    Gasoline and diesel cars pose a great threat to the environment and represent a serious danger to personal health. This is certainly one step closer to tackling the world’s deteriorating environment. Electric cars are the future, and if humans take the responsibility to go green, Egypt will certainly be looking forward to bluer skies and cleaner air in the near future.