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Cairo Reimagined: Taj City and the Meaning Behind the Initiative

Cairo Reimagined: Taj City and the Meaning Behind the Initiative
written by
Cairo 360

 Just like many mysteries that we’ve encountered in our not-so-long lives, we’ve decided to leave what’s behind the Cairo Reimagined movement to the safe hands of time, hoping for a quick revelation of what it has to say.

Ultimately, time has unfurled this particular mystery, and now we know what Cairo Reimagined is all about and who’s behind it. The movement, which positively ignited the imagination of many creative brains in the country, follows the main concept of Taj City (the brand behind it). It reflects the most prominent traits of Cairo, by infusing the everlasting grandeur of the good old days with the tasteful simplicity of modernism; to realise the reimagined in reality, in the heart of Cairo.

Not just building bridges between the past and the future, Taj City’s location in New Cairo is never secluded from bustling Cairo; active spots like Maadi, Heliopolis, Downtown and even Cairo Airport are only minutes away.

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have what a modern city offers, because Taj City boasts a variety of amenities, including an international school, several medical facilities, a strip mall with an outdoor shopping area, as well as a business district, swimming pools, gyms and many more.

Now that our appetite to uncover a mystery has been satisfied and with Taj City set to launch new phase, Shalya, one can’t help but be impressed by the Cairo Reimagined movement that has inspired many to see Cairo from a whole new perspective.


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