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Cobone: Giving You Cairo at a Discount

Cobone: Giving You Cairo at a Discount
written by
Soraya Morayef

Egyptians love us a sweet deal. Haggling for a bargain is in our blood, as is
the love for the word ‘discount’ and that beautifully shaped percentage sign.

what could be better than a daily dose of discount offers on Cairo venues delivered
every day into your email inbox?

the lazy shoppers among us, online shopping is a breath of fresh air,
especially when it’s on discount!

Cobone, the Middle East’s largest growing group buying site that offers a sweet
discount every day of at least 50% and up to 90% off of Cairo restaurants,
spas, shops and leisure activities.

in Dubai in July 2010, Cobone is a group buying website that works by offering
time-limited deals: basically, the site offers discount vouchers at amazing deals
based on their promise that enough people will buy the voucher. So it’s a
win-win situation for both the consumer and the merchant: the consumer walks
away with a cheap deal of at least 50%, and the merchant has attracted more
consumers to buy its product or service.

in Cairo on May 8th, 2011, Cobone Cairo has already outsold any
other city on its launching, with its first deal being a 70% discount on a spa
coupon at Heliopolis spa Body Touch.

do I use Cobone? It’s a pretty simple process. All you do is register an
account on the site, after which you receive email updates or SMSs if you
choose with their regular coupon offers. If you like one of their deals, by
clicking on the deal, you’re effectively buying their offer, and you’re given
several different payment options: either payment on delivery, visa/MasterCard
or via PayPal, CashU and One Card. Once you’ve paid for the deal, it needs to
be bought by a minimum number of consumers to be valid, so you can refer your
friends or family to the deal. Even better, with every person that you refer to, you receive a cash credit of 46LE,
and can cash it in to buy yourself another voucher.

from the Cobone website and its Facebook, Twitter and SMS campaigns, Cobone
also plans to launch a mobile application that you can check daily for the
latest deal on Cairo venues.

through Cobone’s Dubai and Jeddah sites will only increase your anticipation for
what’s to come on the Cairo site.

a discounted boat ride? Or a meal at your favorite restaurant? While they
demurred to reveal their partners and upcoming deals, Cobone promise a variety
of exciting Cairo offers including everything from dining to spas to even
training courses and leisure activities.

get started, sign up, and tell your friends about Cobone, then watch the magic
begin and the cash credit come in!