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Fyonka: Egypt’s Very First Female Led Ride Hailing App to Expand Services

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Fyonka: Egypt’s Very First Female Led Ride Hailing App to Expand Services
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We had recently told you guys all about Direxonia; an Egyptian service dedicated to helping Egypt’s female drivers by providing qualified female driving instructors, and other car-related services. Today, we are here to tell you guys all about the very first female-only ride hailing app, Fyonka (literally translated to “Ribbon”). According to their website, “Fyonka is Egypt’s first all-female car hiring service. Only female customers and female partners are permitted to use Fyonka. We strive to offer you a safe and reliable transportation service, to help you commute through Cairo’s busy streets.” Fyonka has become highly successful. Indeed, to a large number of women, it is the perfect method for safe transportation; additionally, it provides a great employment opportunity for female drivers.

The whole point behind this business is to mitigate the sexual harassment that women are exposed to, regardless of their chosen commute method. In other words, women will inevitably face harassment, should they choose to walk, ride public transportation, take a cab, and/or order a private car pick-up service.

This goal is “achieved by giving our Egyptian women a source of a secure and steady income at their convenience. While a healthy portion of our company’s profits will go into projects that both; helps Egypt’s unprivileged women and empower our women to guarantee them a brighter future.”

Comparing to both Uber and Careem, it was said that Fyonka is actually 15% cheaper than these other services. As such, launching a safe and cheap platform exclusively dedicated to providing women with secure transportation reflects a great step forward. The company currently has more than 300 drivers in Cairo and is expanding all over the capital, reaching 11 districts. Moreover, Fyonka is working on its launch in Alexandria at the end of 2019.

By expanding to Alexandria, Fyonka is on the right track, as Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt with a vast population. Make sure you pay their website a visit, and download the app (available on iOS and Android). You can also pay their Facebook page a visit to keep yourself posted on Fyonka’s future plans.