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Official Warning Issued Against Cairo’s Soaring Levels of Humidity

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Official Warning Issued Against Cairo’s Soaring Levels of Humidity
written by
Sherif Khairy

Rejoice Cairenes, if you think the past few days have not been hot enough, the worst is yet to come. Upcoming days are expected to witness a peak in humidity, which is set to continue till the end of summer.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aal, president of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) has warned that humidity will reach a peak of 75%, and that the highest percentages will hit during the rest of July and August. In light of these weather conditions, Abdel Aal has advised citizens to take caution, and has given a few tips on staying protected.

You’re advised to drink large amounts of water, especially in the morning and afternoon, in order to replace the amount of water the body loses. A litre and a half of water is advised, aside from what you drink throughout the rest of the day. It’s also recommended to stay away from direct sunlight during peak hours, from 12pm till 2 pm, and to go out with white, or light-coloured, cotton clothes instead of wearing dark colours.

While North Coast retreaters will still enjoy their time, they must take note of the higher humidity there, as it will reach highs of 85%. However, this is completely normal, and they can enjoy their vacation as usual while adhering to these tips.

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