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Palm Hills Clubhouse: The Peak of Luxury in 6th of October City

Palm Hills Clubhouse: The Peak of Luxury in 6th of October City
    written by
    Ahmed El Dahan

    The road up to Palm Hills is long, steep and winding, but what waits at the summit is most certainly worth the ride; this hill-top complex boasts just about everything to satisfy those who seek contemporary fine taste and prestige. At one million square meters, the vast grounds are split into two parts; one side is a well-designed recreational venue, while the other is a fully equipped sports complex.

    The purpose of this arrangement is to allow visitors and training athletes to attend the various sporting fixtures and activities at the luxurious sports centre, without disturbing the regulars on the social side. The more lax community can sit back and enjoy a good smoke, glass of scotch and a game of cards; although alcohol is permitted in the Palm Hills Clubhouse, it’s not served and members are invited to bring their own.

    The entrance to the social side is white-tiled and welcoming, surrounded by fountains and a children’s play area complete with a paddling pool. Since this side’s main focus is geared towards the leisurely pursuits of adults, children under the age of 18 are not permitted on the grounds unsupervised. For those days when parents want to enjoy their evening alone, internationally recognised nursery chain, Kidville, is on site to provide children’s entertainment including arts and crafts.

    The highlight of entering the main lounge lies in its tender contrast to the developed desert of 6th of October city. Sunlit and soothingly air-conditioned, oriental Buddha lamps and statues are gracefully arranged to contribute to its Eastern but contemporary décor. The far edges of the lounge accommodate two restaurants; an elegant marble sushi bar to the left and international cuisine on the right. After enjoying a gourmet chef cooked meal, visitors can head to the Bridge Room on the floor below and entertain themselves with a round of pool or cards, surrounded by bamboo shaded walls. 

    Main lounge aside, PHC is integrated to suit every occasion, from formal events to birthday parties. There’s also a room apt for pre-teens – the Carlos room – where they can grab a snack and enjoy a variety of social activities from video games to darts. In the evenings, the Clubhouse’s luxurious cinema has 30 wide seats waiting to be filled, allowing large groups to enjoy a movie of their choice. For those looking to talk business, seminar rooms equipped with simple technology are available to seat upwards of 30 individuals.

    Suits and ties aside, the Cigar and Pink Powder rooms are designed with the genders in mind, and are suitable for group meetings, showcases, or for those yearning a quiet space to read or socialise. For him, the Cigar Room is fitted with masculine, dark furniture and bold wooden tables. In contrast, the Pink Powder room is playful, spacious, sunny and tinged with bright colours around a painting of Soad Hosny in the style of Andy Warhol.

    Outside, a croquet set-up sits next to a large swimming pool and pool-side eatery, Aqua; a restaurant serving quick meals of club sandwiches, pizzas and the like. Along the edge, there are eight Kabanas – exotic huts – available for day use rent, to give swimmers a cool break from the sunshine. The renowned oriental Tanoora restaurant serves their fine Egyptian gourmet food and shisha by the pool, great for an evening spent outdoors.

    An adjoining tunnel leads the way to the vast variety of sports facilities, readily accommodating everybody’s fitness needs. These include an Olympic sized swimming pool, eight tennis courts, four basketball courts and a professional size football field. A state of the art gym – managed by notable sports figure, Mahmoud Eid – faces the pool and allows patrons a calming view as they huff and puff.

    The grounds are host to a plethora of reputable sports academies including the Palm Aroussy Tennis Academy, named after tennis champion, Hassan Arousy. Escola football school, hosted by FC Barcelona, is the first in the Middle East and the third world wide. The Palms Swimming Academy teaches more than 700 students basic swimming techniques, water polo and ballet; it has proved so successful, that the swimming school represents Egypt in international competitions and have seen students take part in the St. Dizier French swimming championships. In addition to this, there is a well established squash school on site.  Still seeing expansion, this side of the Palm Hills Clubhouse will soon have a martial arts dojo, a fully equipped spa and a commercial area.

    Memberships to Palm Hills Clubhouse are pricey, especially for those who don’t own homes in their prestigious residential area. However, after visiting the grounds and the abundance of impressive facilities, memberships appear very tempting and would be well worth the price. For more info, on Palm Hills Clubhouse, call 02-38860103 / 02-38860104 or visit the Palm Hills Development website.