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WATCH: From Ants to Anthems, the Weirdest Mo Salah Accolades
written by
Sherif Khairy

Featured image via Getty Images 


Last week we told you all about how Egypt will be establishing a museum in honour of Mohamed Salah. This sports museum is set to include all his trophies and titles, as well as pay homage to the stars of Egyptian football over the years. Today, we found even more surprising ways that Egyptians are celebrating the Liverpool striker.

An Egyptian professor of Ant Systematics has decided to praise Mo Salah in his own special way. Mostafa Sharaf, professor at King Saud University, discovered a new ant species in Oman, and decided to drop a little homage to the Egyptian King, calling it Meranoplus mosalahi. While the decision is still outlandish, perhaps it would make more sense once you know that Sharaf is actually a visiting professor at the World Museum in Liverpool, so it would make sense for him to name his discovery after his favourite football player.

The specimens of the Meranoplus mosalahi are currently on display at the Entomology Department at the World Museum Liverpool, as well as the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, in addition, of course, to the King Saud University Museum of Arthropods. This is not the first time a footballer has been weirdly associated with something, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a cheeseburger named after him, while Johan Cruyff has an asteroid with his name on it, but perhaps an ant is weirder. Liverpool Echo suggest that this could prompt fans to come up with a new nickname for their superhero, Mo Salah, regarding him as the Ant Man of football.

But it gets even weirder when the ode comes from our own homeland. Hamo Bika has released a track dedicated to Mo-Salah-Mo-Mo-Salah a couple of weeks ago, all with a video clip featuring graffiti work of Mo Salah and Tupac, for some inexplicable reason. This one is much harder to explain so we’ll just let you see for yourself.

Whether its fame they’re after, or an honest love for Mohamed Salah, these attempts are quite entertaining in all cases.