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Kill Chain

‎Kill Chain: Thin, Random, and Rough

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‎Kill Chain: Thin, Random, and Rough

Here comes Nicholas Cage with yet another attempt to regain his former glory, and this time around it carries the name, Kill Chain. The film follows three strangers who, on a night, get tangled up in a chain of unfortunate events, including murders, hijacks, bribery, and more.

The plot is kind of hard to explain; the film starts with two guys breaking into a shabby, old hotel, confiscating the gun of the owner, who’s dead body lies on a table, while a half-naked woman stares at it from the top floor with a gun in her hands. Yes, it’s that vague, and it doesn’t get any clearer, no matter how much time the film takes to break it down to the audience.

It’s mainly because the network of characters and the circumstances that gather them is thin, random, and rough, making the overall feature seem haphazardly pieced together and barely coherent. And when a movie is called Kill Chain, you are not wrong to assume that there will be a killing spree, but what you get is hardly like that; the action in the film is lacking, and not as violent or poignant as is expected from a movie with such a title.

Playing the owner of the hotel, who has a troubled past, Nicholas Cage’s performance is mediocre at best. Anabelle Acosta plays a fierce young woman who tries to get a new life,  gives an equally boring performance, even though her character had room for a lot of expressions and dimensionality. Enrico Colantoni, playing a veteran sniper, was the best among the cast, being the only one who managed to get the audience to care about him or what happens to him throughout the film.

Kill Chain tries to come up with a creative concept that links three strangers together but ends up meandering into an incoherent mess that isn’t worth the price of the ticket.

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Nicolas Cage is an executive producer.

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