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Cairo 360’s Top Films of 2016

Cairo 360’s Top Films of 2016
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Cairo 360

If there’s one word that defined 2016 in Hollywood, it’s ‘superhero’. But aside from the droves of Marvel and DC adaptations – some of which were, let’s say, better than others – it’s been a typical year of surprises, dissapointments and missed opportunities.

From the first standalone Star Wars film, to aniated Disney fun, here are Cairo 360’s best movies of a mixed 2016.



The first superhero movie of the year was also one of the most faithfully adapted, bringing one of Marvel’s most colorful characters to life in all of his fourth-wall-breaking-glory, making for one of the most memorable flicks of the year. Read the full Cairo 360 review.



With a great plot, a good message about diversity, ambition and redemption, a great cast of characters and a bucket load of humour, Zootopia had everything for a Disney Classic. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Jungle Book


Offering one of the most impressive visual experiences this year, Jungle Book was a resounding hit thanks to great CGI work and a fantastic cast delivering a classic tale. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Captain America: Civil War


Of a year dominated by comic books, few provided as big a spectacle as the third entry into the Captain America trilogy. All Marvel’s in-house signatures are delivered perfectly, the storyline feels like it has important ramifications and you have all the heroes duking it out. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

The Nice Guys


Despite going under the radar, the chemistry between Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling carried The Nice Guys as a surprise hit that delivers its conspiracy-laden action-thriller elements as well as it does its comedy. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

The Shallows


Not since Jaws has the prospect of being stranded with a shark been so scary. As another surprise hit in 2016, the summer release owes much f its success to the one-woman-show of Blake lively. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Sausage Party


Ten years in the making, Sausage Party was every bit unconventional, quirky and outrageous as it promised to be – so much so that it never made it to Egypt. 

Don’t Breathe


 One of the more refreshing horror films of the year, Don’t Breathe built plenty of tension on its simple but effective concept and threw a couple of wicked twists into the mix to boot. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Kubo and the Two Strings


The closest thing we’re going to get to a Legend of Zelda movie, stop-motion animation, Kubo and the Two Strings, scored big with adults and kids alike and reminded us what a great medium stop-motion can be. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Deepwater Horizon


Another surprise hit, Deepwater Horizon ticks all the boxes of a generic disaster movies, but director Peter Berg captures the real life horrors of the 2010 oil spill with a great deal of heart, drama and suspense. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Doctor Strange


Marvel closed a busy year on a supernatural note, as Doctor Strange finally made it to the big screen. Benedict Cumberbatch delivered on the hype, as did the fantastic visuals. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Hacksaw Ridge


Mel Gibson’s return in the director’s chair saw Andrew Garfield deliver his best performance to date as a pacifist soldier in Hakcksaw Ridge – a film generating plenty of Oscar buzz. Read the full Cairo 360 review.



One of the most thoughtful sci-fi in years, Arrival is another film being touted for Oscar success – not for visuals, but for its intelligent script, direction and Amy Adams, who leads the quest to make of an alien race’s attempts to communicate with us. Read the full Cairo 360 review.



Conceived in a space somewhere between Disney’s more modern films and its classic ones, Moana bares all the trademarks of a grand, sweeping animated adventure, while tapping into the rich Polynesian culture. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


The first standalone Star Wars film proved that, when handled correctly, spin-offs don’t have to be second-rate money-grabs. Not only does Rogue One deliver a rich story of its own, but it also fits perfectly in the anthology, while even answering a few mysteries and plot-holes. Read the full Cairo 360 review.

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