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A Madea Family Funeral: At Any Cost

Some films cross lines to prove a point about life, war, politics, or other topics that deserve discussing, but others just want to make you laugh at any cost. The latter is the motto of Tyler Perry’s films, and A Madea Family Funeral is no different

This time, Madea (Tyler Perry) is reunited with the family for the anniversary of Vianne (Jen Harper) and Anthony (Derek Morgan), but the festivities quickly unravel into unfortunate events. With horrible family secrets, infidelity, and lies being revealed, the drama is about much more than death.

The plot is a bit messy and involves too much soap opera type drama. The plot’s main focus, however, is providing opportunities for Madea and her gang, Bam (Cassie Davis), Hattie (Patrice Lovely), and brother Joe (Tyler Perry), to make the most outrageously scandalous jokes at everyone’s expense, and a lot of the times even at each other’s.

Those who were already fans of the several previous Tyler Perry movies will find this film hilariously entertaining and a great addition to the Madea films.

For anyone who is not blinded by the shameless, but admittedly hilarious jokes, they will see that Tyler Perry is getting away with so many jokes that would otherwise seem completely unacceptable. From sexual abuse, sexual harassment, infidelity, racism, and more, A Madea’s Family Funeral, like previous Tyler Perry films, crosses every possible line in the most unapologetic of ways. Indeed, the complete and utter lack of manners and basic common sense does produce several laugh-out-loud moments and keeps audiences entertained throughout the film.

As for the acting, Tyler Perry has mastered the multiple characters he portrays in his film. From the front and centre Madea, to the outrageous Joe, and even the much saner Brian. Perry has kept the characters consistent throughout the several films, and throughout A Madea Family Funeral. Cassie Davis gives a hilarious performance as usual, and she was able to hold her own against Perry’s fire breathing Madea. Patrice Lovely was also able to provide a strong presence with her unique character’s baby voice, full lips, inappropriateness, and inability to keep any secrets no matter the consequences of revealing them.

Comedy is relative, so if you have laughed during previous Tyler Perry films, you will probably find this to be hilarious and should definitely give it a go, but if you are not a fan that probably won’t change.

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