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Avengers: Infinity War…to Be Continued?

You have been waiting for the latest episode of your favourite series. You click on the play button and a screen with “to be continued” appears. Unless the series has a meaning behind the phrase, then the “to be continued” screen is unnerving and the entire thing is useless. There you go, Avengers: Infinity War


This third installment of the Avengers films has the fate of the world at stake, as the powerful Thanos attempts to collect the infinity stones to attach to his gauntlet. The stones give him the power he needs in order to kill half the population of the entire universe. Thanos calls it mercy; he believes that in doing so life will thrive and the issue of limited resources will be resolved. Meanwhile, almost every Marvel superhero from every planet, star, and galaxy attempts to stop him.

And guess what? They fail. All of them. More than 20 characters and all their forces combined, and they fail miserably.

Most of the characters even make ridiculously destructive decisions; Star-Lord punches Thanos when he talks about Gamora, and by doing so, stops the others from taking away the glove. Gamora leads Thanos to the Soul Stone so he won’t kill her sister, even though if he does get the stone her sister will most likely be wiped out with half the universe. Loki gives Thanos another stone so he wouldn’t kill Thor, even though he knows he will at least try to kill him anyway. And the list goes on and on. The decisions are tough, but if superheroes can’t make these decisions, then who can?

The plot’s other major issue is the back and forth between almost four subplots; the main plot is Thanos trying to capture each stone, and the subplots are each about a different group of heroes, in different locations, going through their own thing. The back and forth is distracting, takes the audience away from the film and make it hard to keep up. Having the subplots is not an issue, but the way that they are randomly placed, with no evident connecting factor among them, made it seem as though they were a series of mini movies stitched together.

Finally, the ending made the entire film seem pointless, acting almost like a promo for the next film. There is a major difference between setting up for the sequel in a film and creating a film with the main purpose being setting up for a sequel. Plot-wise this film has no significant events, other than the death of most of the characters. 

Just to give credit where credit is due, the graphics were really astounding. So, to the team responsible for this film, thank you for your efforts, Chris Hemsworth’s good looks, and a few of the not-too-shoved-in-there-humour moments that kept us watching. 

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360 Tip

Tom Holland was not allowed to read the script for this film since he revealed too many secrets for Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). 

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