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Braven: A Silently Sweet Killer

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Braven: A Silently Sweet Killer

The hunky Jason Momoa plays a logging family man, who is as sweet as he is handsome and strong. Somehow, without him having any background, training, or previous experience in killing, Momoa and his cognitively deteriorating father turn into tactical killers. Plausible? Well, not really.

The film tells the story of Joe Braven (Jason Momoa), a sweet loving father, a playfully adorable husband, and a devoted son to his father. Due to an accident, Joe’s father, Linden (Stephen Lang), experiences brain damage, making him forgetful, disoriented, and delusional. This gets him in trouble several times, with only Joe to save him. After one of Linden’s major incidents, father and son decide to head to their secluded cabin. There, they find a bag of drugs and soon enough men come to collect the drugs and attempt to kill them.

The film’s plot is simple enough; fight the bad guys to survive. However, the fact that an untrained, barely armed man and his brain damaged father could be as tactical and effective in killing as they were portrayed, constantly reminds audiences that they are watching a movie, and not a good one.

The characters are mostly two dimensional. Instead of depth, each character was given a trait to mask the film’s overall lack of character development. Jason Momoa, as Joe Braven, more or less delivered what was asked of him, given the lacking script and underdeveloped storyline; a whole lot of fighting which he is good at, and a few moments of emotional vulnerability which he is satisfactory at. Stephan Lang’s performance was very much noteworthy; his switch between facial expressions, gazes, and even body language, as he transitioned into a mental lapse episode were remarkable. It is as if he transforms into this weak, lost, disoriented and completely different person, and then regains his strength and assertiveness in an instant.

Garret Dillahunt plays the leader of the drug collectors; he is tough, tactical and ruthless. However, despite Dillahunt’s constant blank expression and cold poker face, he was still unable to capture the role of the villain. 

As per the mise en scène, the film’s snowy and mountainous terrain setting did not merely function as a beautiful backdrop, rather it actually helped propel the story forward. The film’s fight scenes were creatively made and somewhat well shot, making them the film’s highlight.

For the lovers of pure action, and for major fans of Momoa’s handsomeness, this film is for you; yet, for those who are borderline film critics, well, let’s just say it is neither worth the money spent on the ticket, nor the time spent watching the film. 

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Jason Momoa and Zahn McClarnon reunite after playing best friends in the short lived Sundance original series Red Road.

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