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Bumblebee: Bullseye

Audiences expect certain things from films, like them being heartwarming, simply sophisticated, and captivating. While filmmakers aim for these criteria, only a few movies hit the mark. Director Travis Knight hits a bullseye with his new Transformers prequel, Bumblebee.

The film starts with the fall of Cybertron, and Optimus Prime sending Bumblebee to Earth to reside there in hiding from the Decepticons., Bumblebee lands on Earth in the 1980s and disguises himself as an old, yellow Volkswagen Beatle, after he has lost both his voice and memory. Bumblebee soon gets discovered by 18-year-old car fanatic and outcast Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld). As Charlie helps a childlike Bumblebee adapt to life on Earth and helps fix him up, they both help each other cope with the losses they have faced. But the pair soon find themselves as the only hope to save planet Earth from the Decepticons.

This plot is ultimate proof that they do not have to be complex in order for them to be sophisticated. The events add to the plot, and so does the characterisation, making for an absolutely smashing film. Indeed, the film manages to generate a strong emotional response from the audience.

The 80s setting also helps the film. From the 80s rock classics that Bumblebee spits out as an alternative to his voice to the overall 80s mood of the film, the 80s just make everything better.

Bumblebee also manages to perfectly balance the comedy, drama, and action genres throughout the film; knowing exactly when to make a joke with the subtlest sense of humour, when to delve into the personal struggles of both Charlie and Bumblebee, and when to just let the robots beat the hell out of each other.

The feature also did not slack on character development. It made sure that both the characters of Charlie and Bumblebee are delved into in depth and was able to pull that off despite the many possible pitfalls. Charlie could have easily become a cliché, and Bumblebee’s personality could have been quickly sidelined for his cool fighting moves but, what made the film great is that none of this happened and instead the pair’s bond is what makes the film the heartwarming spot-on feature it is.

As for the acting, Hailee Steinfeld gave a solid performance, especially when it came to the emotional bonding moments between her character and Bumblebee. Steinfeld was also able to make her character stand out with small attributes, making for a multidimensional protagonist. John Cena was also featured in the film as a macho military leader and somewhat of an antagonist, at least to Bumblebee, and Cena was able to deliver a subtle but entertaining performance.

If you are a major Transformers fan, or think it’s just awesome to watch some robots fighting, Bumblebee is probably worth your time.


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360 Tip

With a budget of $102-128 million, this is the least expensive Transformers movie to date

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