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Cold Blood

Cold Blood: A Revisit to Reno’s Former Role as Leon the Assassin

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Cold Blood: A Revisit to Reno’s Former Role as Leon the Assassin

Sometimes, when actors succeed in a particular role, they keep on picking similar parts so they can invest in the success. Can Jean Reno achieve the success he had as Leon in Cold Blood, playing the assassin one more time?                                              

Cold Blood follows veteran assassin Henry (Jean Reno) who retreats to his cabin in the middle of the woods upon accomplishing his last job. When Henry finds a young woman (Sarah Lind), who has injured herself in a snowmobile accident, he takes her in despite being sceptical about her identity. However, the truth that Henry is about to find out is far more twisted than he could imagine.

The plot had two interesting factors; the interaction between the two characters confined together, as well as the police investigation into the mysterious past of Henry’s last victim. Sadly, the film botches both with a script that does not delve deep enough into the characters to make any impact. In addition to the superficial characters, the obvious and sloppy dubbing annoyingly takes the audience out of the feature’s events.

The pace of the plot also produces a very lifeless experience, especially for the thriller genre into which the film places itself. Cold Blood mishandles its reveals and its limited action scenes. And what is supposed to be the film’s biggest reveal can be actually seen from miles away –in fact, from the very beginning.

The film has some beautiful scenes of the cabin all covered in snow within the forest; nevertheless, they were overused as prolonged fillers, losing their magic as the film went by.

For the acting, Jean Reno has famously played an assassin before in Leon: The Professional, so seeing an older version of him in this feature is very plausible. However, the script hinders Reno’s performance that could have been more elaborate. Sarah Lind’s performance was mediocre, as she failed to rise to the occasion more than once, including giving off a mysterious vibe or showing her emotion as a neglected child. Playing an investigating cop, Joe Anderson showed more reactions than many actors in this feature and could have been much more exciting if it wasn’t for the script.

Cold Blood is not a well-made film that you will remember for its craftsmanship, or how excited you were while watching it. Instead, you might remember it for how badly it botched the decent ideas it started out with.


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