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Creed II: Predictable

It’s very hard for filmmakers to get it right more than once when it comes to making sequels. This often makes for major disappointments among audiences. The trend of bad sequels has increased so much, it has become almost the norm, with audiences getting surprised with a not half bad sequel. Creed II is that not half bad sequel.

Creed II follows boxer Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), as he becomes the World Heavy Weight Champion, proposes to his girlfriend (Tessa Thompson), and has a baby. All this happiness is short-lived, as Creed is challenged to fight the son of Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the man who killed his father in a boxing match some 33 years earlier. Creed has to choose between fighting to avenge his father, and employing self-preservation for the sake of his new family.

The sequel’s plot is not the most surprising and, by the first 20 minutes, the audience knows most of what is to come. The genre of this film means that it is limited to predictable outcomes, and generally lacks innovation.

The fights were shot well with pressing suspense and captivating moments, but they comprised less than a quarter of the 120-minute film.

Other than the suspense in the fights, the stakes of the film could have been much higher and the emotions could have been more profound, if for example the film delved into Creed’s attachment to his father, or has spent more time on his connection with his newborn daughter.

As for the acting, Michael B. Jordan was able to convey a balanced three-dimensional character who is not just a tough-guy boxer, but also a human being who is stubborn and flawed and who cares about his family and friends. Sylvester Stallone did more of the same and we expect nothing less from him; he was true to his character and played to his known strengths. Dolph Lundgren sported a Russian accent which was surprisingly not all bad in his small role. Tessa Thompson also had a small role, but was able to convey her character as the concerned but also understanding wife, who will not pressure her husband too much.

If you watched the first Creed film, then there is a big chance you will like this one, even if it is a bit more predictable than usual.



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Sylvester Stallone backed out of directing the film.

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