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Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2: Leave Your Kids at Home

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Deadpool 2: Leave Your Kids at Home

Firstly, too much blood; the film’s superhero has two swords for weapons and he very much likes using them. Secondly, too many indecent jokes; your kid will either be too young to get the joke and will therefore have wastefully taken a seat that could have been filled by a diehard Deadpool fan, or they will be old enough to get the inappropriate jokes and repeat them to everyone you know.

The long-awaited sequel starts with a montage of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) telling us the sword-slashing, joke-cracking adventures he has been up to since the first film. But as the movie progresses Deadpool is thrown into a pool of despair (trying not to spoil anything here) seeking redemption, self-discovery, and inclusion. On his way he meets a mutant kid called Russel (Julian Dennison), or Fire Fist, and he attempts to save the kid from a time-traveling, robotic arm-having, square-faced tough guy called Cable (Josh Brolin). Deadpool employs the help of several new characters, and also returning characters like Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic (Brianna Hildebrand).

There is more to the plot, but this no spoiler thing is hard.

The plot flow is a bit messy, or at the very least not crystal clear. There are several aspects and subplots and even though you get how they are connected to one another, it feels like 3 headphones knotted together connection, rather than a “duh, that’s easy” connection.

The one thing that this film can guarantee is the audience’s laughter. The theatre was filled with laughter and most of the jokes were clever enough to be admired but still understood by most:  obscenely hilarious is refreshing in a super hero film, even more so than the first Deadpool.

The action sequences were pretty cool just as in the first Deadpool but, this is an area where the film makers did not make huge creative strides, nor take cool unexpected risks. Yes, swords slashing people’s heads, flying limbs and a lot of blood is cool but, with Deadpool this is not new.

As always Ryan Reynolds nailed the cheeky badass hero character, with several fourth wall breakings and a whole lot of jokes that seemed very much improvised by his witty self. Julian Dennison did a great job with his part as a kid who is innocent at heart but lashes out at the world because of what he’s been through. Josh Brolin very much looked the part of Cable and, with that chin and a robotic arm, he basically didn’t need to do much, so he was just adequate. The remainder of the supporting cast all did very well and definitely gave life and jokes to the film whenever it needed it.

Most of those who watched the first Deadpool and liked it will enjoy this one, more jokes, more killings and a whole lot more laughs.

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360 Tip

Despite repeatedly denying that his utility belt is just a "fanny pack", the only item that Cable pulls out of it is chap stick.

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