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Destination Wedding: Love/Hate

As kids, there was always that one flavour of jelly beans that everyone absolutely hated. Then you meet this weird kid who picks out and only eats that flavour, with absolute love, calling it his delicious favourite. Destination Wedding is just like that candy; most won’t be fans but those who are will definitely re-watch this.

The anti rom-com follows two cynics Frank (Keanu Reeves) and Lindsay (Winona Ryder) as they miserably go through the proceedings of a destination wedding. After a meet-cute at the airport and a couple more coincidences, the couple share their disdain of the event, almost all the people in it, and the entirety of humanity. But can two cynical narcissists actually fall in love?

If you are thinking “Yes! A cheesy romantic comedy,” you are way off.

The film’s plot is simply the couple attending the wedding proceedings, but what makes this movie very special is the dialogue. The lines of both characters are almost always extremely sarcastic, cynical, and realistic to the point where you can visualise your cynical friend sitting there in their shoes. 

The lines are also very clever, elaborate, and wry, which might be why the filmmakers chose to make the visual aspects of the film very simple with standard wedding settings. The audience needs to pay attention to the lines said because they are what make the film. However, many would have to watch the film again to fully grasp the quick and continuous wit of the lines, which is possibly one of the main drawbacks.

Another main drawback was the inconspicuous nature of the character arches where the audience knew the two characters are experiencing a change only because that is what is expected, not because they could clearly see the slow steps of change.

As for the acting, Keanu Reeves played his cold character perfectly with barely any emotions showing except for some hidden doubt about his cynical ways. However, when it came to affection, the switch did not happen, nor did it produce the desired “change” effect. Winona Ryder on the other hand was a very annoying but lovable character who knows she has flaws, accepts them but still blames the world for being what it is. Ryder’s performance was genuine as she was able to convey a truly three-dimensional character.

There is a major chance that you, your family and your friends will not like this film but if you are the kid who always chose the candy nobody liked, this film is a gem you will watch again and again.

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It was filmed in ten days.

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