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Eurovision Song Contest – The Story of Fire Saga: Oddly Funny

Eurovision Song Contest movie review netflix new releases review
Eurovision Song Contest – The Story of Fire Saga: Oddly Funny

(Image credit: Elizabeth Viggiano/NETFLIX)

With movies and shows like Pitch Perfect and Glee setting the bar, we couldn’t help but think that Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams’ new Netflix movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, might climb higher on our rating radars. Alas, it did not. But it induced a few heartfelt chuckles on the way.

The film takes place in Iceland, where Lars (Ferrell) teams up with his best friend Sigrit (McAdams) to take on a massive competition that features a diverse number of international talents. The pair makes it to the next round in Scotland, winning the hearts of their audience. But will Lars and Sigrit win the votes? You’ll have to watch and see.

The accents of some of the cast had us wondering if that’s actually how Icelandic people speak. We also pondered if the live performances were intentionally awkward, or it was just because the singers were lip-syncing, but those few scenes are funny enough to sit through. The ending wrapped up the story really well and left us with a feeling of patriotism for our own motherland. On that note, the film’s overall message was conveyed, and we understood what it represents.

We were taken on an eventful journey that was different from the calmness we have been experiencing recently. We hope that there will be a chance for us to talk a similar musical voyage in real life within the upcoming time.

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