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Every Day

Every Day: Surprisingly Clever

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Every Day: Surprisingly Clever

Imagine waking up each and every morning, only to find your soul trapped inside a different body. Now imagine falling in love with someone who wakes up as a different person every day: a different face, a different pair of hands, a different set of feet, and just a different life altogether. This is Every Day‘s  premise; and, while this premise may seem cliché at first glance, the film’s execution of this premise steered the film away from “the been there done that” pitfall.

The film tells a love story between a teenage girl called Rhiannon (Angourie Rice), and a teenage boy who wakes up in a different body every day, going by the self-proclaimed name of “A”.  “A” never wakes up in the same body twice; he always wakes up in the body of someone his own age, but not necessarily of his same ethnicity, physicality, or even gender. “A” meets Rhiannon when he “possesses” her boyfriend, and they consequently end up spending the most wonderful day together.”A” slowly, but surely, falls in love with Rhiannon, and seeks her out for several days after that. After considering the possibility of such a phenomenon, Rhiannon believes “A” and falls in love with him. 

Angourie Rice, the several actors who play A, and the secondary characters, were mostly compelling, even though none of them were Meryl Streeps per say. The fact that Every Day was able to have us fall in love with a faceless body is a testament to the film’s success. Indeed, film audiences are typically very visual, and so, for audiences to recognize and believe that all those faces, in fact, belong to the same person is something that deserves a round of applause. The film sends a message about love and acceptance, thereby steering the film away from being just another teenage romance flick.

All in all, the film revealed the bright side of humans, by showing how some human souls are extremely effervescent, even if others cannot recognize that. Every Day surprises with a compelling plot, lovable characters, and an atypical romantic story line.

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360 Tip

This film is based off the young adult novel Every Day by David Levithan.

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