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Final Score: Die Hard, Is That You?

Just because something works doesn’t mean it should be imitated over and over again until it becomes a cliché. This is especially true when the imitation does not do the original work justice, so sorry Final Score, but you are not Die Hard, no matter how hard you try to be.

Final Score follows U.S Veteran Michael (Dave Bautista) who visits London to take his niece Danni (Lara Peake) to a football game. But, as the game begins Michael discovers that Russian terrorists have taken over the stadium, locked all exits, and are threatening to blow the stadium up.

You can pretty much fill in the rest of the film.

American guy coincidently stumbles into a situation with Russian terrorists, he has to save the life of someone he loves as well as the lives of thousands of people, so he goes on a one-man mission to save the day.

Sounds familiar? It is.

It’s Die Hard.

The fact that the film strikes such a huge resemblance to Die Hard takes a lot of the anticipation and action out of the film since most of the audience (old enough to know and love Die Hard) know by heart what will come next.

There are several action scenes that are extremely thrilling like a motorcycle chase inside the stadium and a fight that involves a deep fryer. However, the film sticks to the safe side and does not take major risks that could have made it unique and much more memorable.

Setting the film in a stadium is definitely cause for positive points and helped carry the narrative, where it could have been very much lacking with logical errors. Like the fact that no one noticed what was happening, and the setting of the stadium providing answers for you: they were watching the game. Not the most convincing answer but, one that would suffice.

As for the acting, Bautista proved he can take the lead in an action movie, and was able to convey emotions better than most muscular ex-wrestler male characters. Even though he proved he is not just a meat head, with the right physique for an action film, he was no joke cracking charisma oozing Bruce Willis either. Lara Peake delivered an adequate performance and fulfilled the criteria of her role as the tough girl acting out because of her father’s death. Playing the head of the Russian terrorist group, Ray Stevenson is very convincing, and was able to hold his ground against a nemesis like Bautista.

If you are a major action fan, you will probably like this but perhaps you will like it more from the comfort of your home with a pizza box on your table and a drink in your hand. We say this because it is definitely not worth a trip to the movie theatre.


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