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Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2: Was It Worth the 14 Year Wait?

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Incredibles 2: Was It Worth the 14 Year Wait?

After a 14-year-long wait, the children who fell in love with the Incredibles movie in 2004 are now heading to watch its sequel as adults. Will the film leave its adult audience satisfied? A lot of expectations have been built up over 14 years, and the sequel delivered.

Incredibles 2 picks up right where its predecessor left off; the same director, the same main characters and the same actors who voice them, and a similar plot flow. Superheroes are still illegal, and the Incredibles family are still looking for superhero-loving, super-rich people to employ them. When billionaires Winston and Evelyn Deavor choose Helen, aka Elastigirl, for a mission to improve people’s perception of superheroes, Mr. Incredible gets back to just being Bob as he puts his suit away to take care of the kids. But as Elastigirl gets into unexpected trouble, the family has to stick together to save the city, and their mum. 

Some of the most amusing parts of the film involve Jack-Jack, Bob and Helen’s baby boy, who has several powers and hilariously has no control over them. From turning into an angry troll, catching on fire, firing lasers from his eyes, to blowing up into a giant baby, Jack-Jack is just unpredictable and a main cause of genuine laughter in the film.

The film’s graphics and cool gadgets manage to put it in 2018 and, with the familiar characters from our childhood, the film creates a combination that just works so well. It also includes several action stunts that wow audiences of all ages.

Incredibles 2, however, does not carry a clear message, which movies don’t have to, but if this film is made for children it is preferable that it carries a message. There is no formula for films but sometimes too many themes can be frustrating. The film discusses parenting, being yourself despite differences, the law vs what is right and many other themes, just not enough for one of them to be the main theme and the others to be supporting it.

Perhaps what is most likeable about both Incredibles movies is that they are genuine superhero movies, ones that seem relatable and somehow realistic. Obviously not the elasticity or disappearing parts, but the personas of the characters and the family dynamics.

Most fans are satisfied with the sequel and, with the eyes of the children that once we were, they should be. If you liked the first one, the second one is not to be missed.

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360 Tip

At 1 hour and 58 minutes, this film is not only the longest Pixar Animation Studios film to date, but also the longest computer-animated feature film to date.

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