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Let Me In

Let Me In: A Striking Vampire Love Story

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Haisam Abu-Samra
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Let Me In: A Striking Vampire Love Story

Although both films feature romance between unassuming humans and
vampires, there are no similarities between the Twilight saga and Let Me In. Being a fan of one doesn’t
mean you’ll like the other. It’s not that the latter is trying in any way to capitalise
on the success of the former; but the misguided connection is an easy one to

Let Me In is almost
a frame by frame remake of the 2009 Swedish film Let the Right One In, but unlike most American remakes,
this one doesn’t water down the story to make it easier to consume. The film
faithfully maintains the ethereal quality that made the original so effective
to the point of redundancy. Comparison aside, Let Me In is a beautifully executed film in its own right.

Owen (Smit-McPhee) is a
quiet boy dealing with his parents’ recent separation. His sorrow makes him an
easy target for bullies at school, but when a father and his daughter move in
next door, Owen finds his new neighbour Abby (Moretz) to be the friend that he can confide in.

Owen and Abby meet every night at their building’s yard and talk the
night away, but Abby always gives vague answers when asked about her
personal life; she avoids talking about the fact that she has to drink blood to survive.

Let Me In is very
deliberately paced with visceral bursts of blood and intensity. It adheres to
the classic mythology of vampires avoiding sunlight, having cold skin and the ability
to fly, but the story unfolds in a modern setting, making it both classical
and progressive. The film’s main focus is the symbiotic relationship
between Owen and Abby and the trust that both have to invest in each other.

Moody, stylish and haunting, Let Me In is a bittersweet love story
carried well by two gifted child actors, who portray the complexity of their
feelings without ever losing their natural innocence. The cold and almost
insular world of the film might disappoint those hoping for a more traditional
horror affair, but for those looking for something more artistic, Let Me In delivers well.

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360 Tip

Chloe Moretz will appear in at least four new films in 2011. Her most anticipated role is in Hugo Cabret, the new Martin Scorsese film.

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