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Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3: Light & Fun Sequel

  • Josh BrolinTommy Lee Jones...
  • Action & AdventureComedy...
  • Barry Sonnenfeld
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Yasmin Shehab
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Men in Black 3: Light & Fun Sequel

Agents K (Jones and Brolin) and J (Smith) are back and kicking. Boris the
Animal (Clement), a criminal whose arm K had shot off decades ago, has escaped
from his lunar prison and is out for revenge. He jumps back in time, to the day
that he lost his arm, to kill K before he has a chance to maim him and throw
him in prison. J follows Boris back to ‘69 in an attempt to thwart his plan and
save K.

J and K’s relationship (bromance?) is at the centre of the film but
whereas the previous films starred Smith and Jones, due to this film’s time
travelling aspect, Brolin takes Jones’ place for the bulk of the film,
playing the twenty-nine year old Agent K. Calling this brilliant
casting is an understatement; Brolin has Jones’ mannerisms and inflections down
to a tee while still coming across as a less jaded version of the stony faced
Jones. He and Smith make as great a duo as Smith and Jones do and the trio’s
performances give the film a bit of substance which it sorely lacks.

What it
lacks in substance though, it makes up in sweetness, and while most of it comes
from the agents’ friendship, a significant dose comes in the form of a
character named Griffin (Stuhlbarg). He’s an alien, the last of his race, who
has the ability to see every alternate future at any given time. Stuhlbarg
nails this perfect blend of sweetness and awkwardness, making a great
sidekick to the main duo.

Visually, the film is gorgeous. The 3D effects are used beautifully and
not just in the action packed scenes. The regular scenes pop every bit as much
as the alien-busting ones, and all without giving you a headache. The alien
designs are completely goofy and thus thoroughly delightful and the set design,
both modern day and during the 60s, is beautiful – especially when it comes to
the Men in Black headquarters. The 60s setting is also used as a set up for the
film’s best laugh out loud moments,  the
best of which involve Andy Warhol and The Factory.

The film is a light, fun, alien filled caper but the choice of target
audience is slightly confusing. Since the last Men in Black film came out a decade ago, you’d think that the
franchise would have pulled a Harry
and matured with its fans that are in their twenties by now. However,
it stays true to its cairorevamp_users and targets the same audience that it did ten years
ago: children. It’s not immature per se, but it does lack a certain
sophistication that would have put it in the same league as The Avengers for instance, another
similarly light, colourful and fun blockbuster.

Having said that, it isn’t perfect nor will it be one of the best
blockbusters this summer but it is a decent sequel and will definitely cull a
new generation of fans. Besides, the visuals alone are pretty damn

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360 Tip

Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls, has a cameo as Boris The Animal’s girlfriend who helps bust him out of prison.

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