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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun: A Familiar & Heart-Warming Romance

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Midnight Sun: A Familiar & Heart-Warming Romance

The romantic drama Midnight Sun is the newest film to star former Disney Channel actress and songstress, Bella Thorne. The film is directed by Scott Speer, who has previously helmed an installment from the Step Up film series, Step Up: Revolution (2012).

The film follows Katie Price: a young girl who’s coping with a rare disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, one that prevents her from ever being exposed to sunlight. Despite her restricted lifestyle, Price ends up falling for a young man named Charlie Heston (Patrick Schwarzenegger).

While Midnight Sun could have easily been another disposable teen romance tear-jerker, Speer and the marvelous cast set out to make a very touching film; one that’s as genuine with its romance and its performances, as it is with the chemistry between the actors.

Midnight Sun is infused with so much heart, witty banter, and loveable characters, that you can’t help but keep smiling throughout the film. Speer attempts to subvert cliché tropes in the teen-romance genre by giving winks to what we’ve come to expect from the films belonging to the same category. For the most part, he was able to create a genuinely touching and ultimately heart-warming, yet familiar, story.

Bella Thorne delivers the best performance of her career, thus far; her sincere interactions with the other cast members make her character easily relatable. However, the real stand out performance comes from Rob Riggle, who plays Price’s tremendously supportive and loving father. Riggle has perhaps always been known for his comedic roles, yet his take on the young-at-heart father character is a welcome dramatic turn for the actor.

Schwarzenegger makes his debut as an actor and it shows; his performance is by far the weakest among the otherwise perfect cast members. However, to his credit, his chemistry with Bella Thorne elevates the scenes they share together, making their on-screen romance all the more believable.

The film also makes great use of its runtime, by not bolstering it longer than needed. While the romance of the film does feel rushed at times, it also feels genuine due to how fast most young teenagers fall for each other just as quickly in real life.

While Midnight Sun is far from a perfect romantic drama, it does stand out as one of the more memorable ones in recent years.  This is mostly due to its unique premise and thoughtful performances that mark it as a sweet, enjoyable, and touching film.

While there’s no doubt that the film could’ve benefited from more dramatic weight, for those who have a fondness for light-hearted romantic films, Midnight Sun could be easily appreciated, most of all for its sincerely touching performances, as well as its genuinely heart-warming story and characters.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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