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Prey: Amazing Idea, Mediocre Execution

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A free trip to your very own deserted island sounds like an amazing idea, doesn’t it? Well, Prey will definitely have you giving that idea a second thought.

Prey follows young Toby (Logan Miller) who just lost his father and is part of a survival programme for troubled kids, where he has to spend three days on his own on a supposedly deserted island. When Toby finds a young girl named Madeline (Kristine Froseth) who has been living on the island almost her entire life, he has no idea what he is in for.

The main premise seems confused as it tries to be about many things, including a teenage love story, a survival thriller, and a horror flick, but it doesn’t really pull off any of these aspects. The love story isn’t based on anything but the fact that Madeline is there and that she taught Toby how to survive. The feature even has Toby so implausibly attached to her and risks his life multiple times for her. For the survival aspect, Toby only tries to survive very briefly, as Madeline quickly comes along and magically teaches him everything he needs to know, so there is no thrill there. The horror aspect had some potential that quickly fizzled away as the silly graphics kicked in. The other flaw of the horror aspect is the weakness of the backstory of the “monster”, to the point of incoherence.

For the acting, Logan Miller gave a somewhat uneven, mediocre performance with some over the top moments, like when Toby tries to prove his love for Madeline, and other very much underplayed moments. Kristine Froseth gave a much stronger performance with an added mystery to her character that relied on expressive body language and gazes. Froseth did a lot with her subtle performance and was one of the few perks of the feature.

Prey is probably not a film you will remember. After you watch it, you might be wondering when the endless streak of low-quality horror films will finally end.

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