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Rampage: Sheer Ridiculousness?

Watching cartoons as a grown up is a different experience; you know that what you are seeing is not true at all, you know not to look too much into it, and you know it is completely ridiculous. Rampage was not an animated feature, but it sure felt like it.

Rampage starts its story with primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson), after he finds out that his beloved albino gorilla, George, has escaped his enclosure and wreaked violent havoc in the zoo Okoye works in, and has somehow doubled in size. Okoye later discovers a foreign material in George’s enclosure which he deduces is the cause of George’s mutations and behaviours. Okoye is helped by Dr. Kate Kaldwell (Naomie Harris), former employee of Energyn, the company that created the substance, and special agent Harvey Russel (Jeffery Dean Morgan) as they attempt to stop the over-sized primate from destroying Chicago. To escalate matters even more, the group finds out that the substance has also affected a wolf and a crocodile, turning all three animals into violent giants that will destroy Chicago if they are not stopped.

Ridiculous enough for you? The film has some shots that are ridiculously and insanely cool, like a giant wolf jumping into the air and grabbing a helicopter like it was chew toy, a crocodile so huge that it can sink ships and has to squeeze past bridges, and a gorilla using a lamp post as a spear.

What makes this insanity cool is that the graphics are flawless; they make everything seem real, or as real as possible. The film tries to keep a serious vibe about saving the world and the severity of the consequences, but all the audience saw was cool scenes in a somewhat funny film that is not at all serious. With the plot, the characters and the graphics there is no way this film can be taken seriously, and it shouldn’t be.

Dwayne Johnson is a funny man, but in this film, we only get glimpses of his beloved humour which is majorly disappointing. His acting skills are not really in question, but the ridiculousness of the film overshadowed him and his on-screen persona.

Naomie Harris’s performance was mediocre with mainly the same expressions and emotions portrayed with an exception of a few scenes of fright where she did show some skill.

Not to be biased towards his hypnotizing good looks, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan was one of the best parts of this film; he did not take his role too seriously like others, which went well with the movie, his southern accent and playful attitude added some colour, and his impossibly captivating smile kept the audience watching until the very end.

Should you see this film? Yes. If you like ridiculousness, giant gorillas making explicit jokes and handsome men like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Joe Manganiello (yes, he was there very briefly) then this the one for you. 


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360 Tip

The mutated rat, seen towards the beginning of the film, is likely meant to be Larry from the Atari Lynx version of the 'Rampage (1986)' video-game. The character was a special inclusion who only appeared in this version of the game.

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