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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil The Final Chapter: Is this Really the End?

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Resident Evil The Final Chapter: Is this Really the End?

Boasting just about the right amount of energy and frenzied action to earn itself a passing grade, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – the sixth and the supposedly final installment in the fifteen-year running video-game inspired franchise – takes a back-to-basics approach which, although a little cartoonish at times, holds plenty of action, gore and a long-list of terrifying CGI creatures to satisfy fans and casual viewers alike.

Written and directed by Paul W.S Anderson, the film begins with Alice (Jovovich looking a little tired of it all) looking seemingly lost in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C trying to make sense of it all.  She is soon contacted by her arch-enemy, an A.I. known as the Red Queen (Anderson), who informs the relentless warrior that whatever is left from humanity will be wiped out in the next 48 hours.


However, there is a chance for Alice to save the day if she can manage to find her way back to what’s left of Raccoon City and infiltrate the underground Hive in order to get her hands on the anti-virus developed by the super-powerful Umbrella Corporation. Although a little hesitant at first, Alice soon agrees to the mission and begins making her way across the country.  However, she is soon captured by a seemingly mad clone of Dr. Isaacs (Game of Throne’s Iain Glenn) who is preparing to bring the undead to Raccoon City in order to help him wipe out a group of rebels. After managing to fight her way out, Alice is soon joined by a group of local warriors who, just like her, would like to see the end of Umbrella for good.

Although a little strained in bringing something new and fresh to the table, The Final Chapter can, for most of its running time, come across as a little dull and stale when compared to Anderson’s previously wild and entertainingly peculiar action-packed outings. Attempting to close things and deliver a deserving finale to the story that has been around for the past fifteen-years is an ambitious task for everyone involved, as well as, it seems, Anderson himself, who also struggles with getting the usually flawless visuals right.


Nevertheless, the movie still manages to keep the ball rolling and despite some of its shortcomings, still manages to deliver some thrills. With plenty of action as well as a healthy dose of absurdity and ridiculousness to go around, it definitely helps that the movie’s own self-awareness is very much intact.  Fans will definitely be pleased and the story’s mistakes will be easily looked over and forgotten. The questions remains however, is this really the end?

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