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Show Dogs: Talking Dogs Are Cute but…

Is it Oscar worthy? Not really. Is it deep and meaningful? Not really, even though it tries to be. Are there talking dogs who sometimes do goofy things that will make you laugh? Yes.

Show Dogs is about New York City Police rottweiler Max (voiced by Ludacris) who crosses paths with FBI agent Frank Mosely (Will Arnett) as each of them is trying to save a stolen baby panda. To retrieve the panda the two of them have to collaborate to pass as a show dog and his handler in a prestigious dog show. With Max’s hotheaded personality and Frank’s inability to control him, nothing is off limits.

Sounds familiar? Yes, exactly. It is the plot of the film Miss Congeniality told via dogs.

Even though the films are similar in plot, if you replace most human characters with talking dogs, Show Dogs is no match for Miss Congeniality. Show Dogs’ plot had several incomprehensible incidents which were too implausible even for a ridiculous film like this one. Also, the film’s script was predictable and missed several witty opportunities to give us more than the cheesy cheap laughs it provides.

Max is a lovable character, and the main source of laughter in this film, largely due to Ludacris’s voice over. He was also clearly identifiable, distinct and full of gusto. However, despite the rottweiler and Ludacris’s efforts, the film’s predictable script and cheesy plot took the performance, and the film, down several notches.

Will Arnett’s performance as Frank Mosely was just awkward; it was as if he feels that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. This might have been intentional in order to create an awkwardness between him and Max in the beginning, but it continued throughout the film making most of his scenes brutally awkward and hard to watch.

Show Dogs tries to be meaningful by attempting to deliver several messages: just because you think it is stupid doesn’t mean it is; trusting people is good; and dogs and humans can always be friends. So basically, just another set of clichés all jumbled up with the aim of making this movie more than just another talking dog film.

Dogs are undeniably cute, and having talking dogs doing crazy and funny stunts is hilarious, and hearing what dogs could be thinking is entertaining. If you like dogs and you are looking for a few laughs this maybe for you, but otherwise it is just not worth it.

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360 Tip

Director Raja Gosnell and actor Alan Cumming previously worked together on The Smurfs (2011), and The Smurfs 2 (2013), which were both live-action/animated films, respectively.

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