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Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home…Spontaneous Humor Gold Mine

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Spider-Man: Far from Home…Spontaneous Humor Gold Mine

For some reason, comedy that arises from situations that could happen is so much funnier than over-the-top, only in film kind of scenarios, but that kind of spontaneity isn’t easy to capture. Luckily, Spider-Man: Far from Home is a two-hour run is a spontaneous humour gold mine.

Spider-Man: Far from Home follows Peter Parker (Tom Holland) after the death of his mentor, Tony Stark, among other consequences of the previous action in Avengers: Endgame. In desperate need of a break from his Spider-Man responsibilities, and armed with a plan to finally confess his love for MJ (Zendaya), Peter goes on a school trip to Europe. Little does he know that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) has hijacked the excursion in order to recruit him to fight powerful creatures called Elementals, alongside newly recruited hero Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal). Juggling his plan to confess to MJ, keeping his identity a secret, and filling Ironman’s shoes, young Peter Parker may not be up to the challenge, especially in a reality that is nothing like it seems.

The sequel answers many questions the audience had after seeing Avengers: Endgame, like how will the returned half of the population be? How will the remaining Avengers be? And how will Spider-Man live after losing his mentor?

But that is not only what the film offers; Spider-Man: Far from Home is funny and not just because of the talents of its cast but also because of the witty writing that allows for natural, seemingly spontaneous, comedy to evolve.

 The action is definitely not disappointing, with Spider-Man doing jumps and flips amongst collapsing towers and killer drones.

The pace of the two-hour feature does slack in the first and second act, with the both being unnecessarily stretched and therefore disrupting the quick rhythm of the film.

Spider-Man: Far from Home can feel crowded with many minor characters taking noteworthy time in the spotlight; however, the film keeps a firm focus on Peter Parker’s struggle to juggle his personal and superhero life, as well as filling the shoes of Tony Stark.

For the acting, Tom Holland’s performance showed much more confidence and natural wit than his previous performances as he cements himself as an on-point choice for playing the beloved Spider-Man. Zendaya’s performance was just as phenomenal with audiences waiting for her to show up on screen with another witty and plausible slam that has audiences laughing. Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was uneven as it lacked spark in the beginning, but, soon enough, Gyllenhaal was able to turn it around. Playing Happy Hogan, Jon Favreau added clever bits of humour with his performance, despite his somewhat small role.

Spider-Man: Far from Home is an action feature, but you will come back and watch it again for the comedy in the character dynamics, especially any scene involving Zendaya.


There is a debatable issue with the premise of Spider-Man: Far from Home where Quentin Beck creates this illusion of destruction so he can save people from it and become the next Ironman. If it is all an illusion, and there is no damage being done, then why didn’t everyone just stop participating in this fake reality? And if there was damage being done, then how is it being done if all Beck did was create the illusion?

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360 Tip

As is common in MCU films, a clip prominently shown in multiple trailers is entirely absent from the finished movie. In this case, a scene showing Spider-Man defeating a gang of bad guys in a restaurant- while wearing his nanotech Iron Spider suit first seen in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - before departing on his school trip to Europe is not shown in the final version of the film (though it is briefly mentioned by May).

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