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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: Fart Joke Funny

If you ever get the chance to teach 4th or 5th grade you will understand their deep appreciation of fart jokes, and while the first one maybe funny, the 18th one won’t be. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies has enough fart and poop jokes to last a 5th grader a lifetime.

When all other superheroes get their own films, and the Teen Titans are denied entry to Batman’s movie premiere, Robin sets out to leave the sidekick label behind and convince a Hollywood director to make a movie about the Teen Titans. But, loyalties get tested when the spotlight can only shine on one superhero.

Not much of a superhero mission is it?

Seeking fame is not really the most attractive of missions for an animation film, no matter the age of the audience. And is even less so for a superhero film whose motives are held to a higher standard.

The film incorporates so many references to previous superhero films, their successes and failures, and many of the film’s jokes revolve around these references which is an issue since most children would be too young to understand such references. Adults would definitely make the connection, but parents would have to explain to their children why we don’t talk about the Green Lantern movie. 

The remaining part of the jokes would definitely suit a 5th grader who thinks farts are funny and pooping is worth a celebration, but some adults would tire of the excessive juvenile jokes.

This contradiction is one of the main issues of the film as the makers can’t seem to choose an audience to tailor their film to. The balance can work with some films, but in this one it doesn’t, leaving the feature at the status of not entirely being a children’s film nor a film for adults.

The reason behind this issue is that Teen Titans were a part of the childhood of people who are currently adults so most of its loyal fans are grown up, but it is still an animation film and directing it away from children would be a major loss.

The film does have several jokes that could be enjoyed by all ages and can actually get you to grin, but unfortunately these occasions are too few to leave an impression with goldfish memory kids or busy adults.

Is it the most enjoyable animation film? Not really.

Is it a good enough film to take your kids to so they get off your back? Probably yes.

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360 Tip

In the comics, Slade's supervillain name is "Deathstroke." This name has never been used in a Teen Titans cartoon, because it was decided that a character with "Death" as part of his name should not be in a children's cartoon.

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