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The Heat

The Heat: Not-So-Hot Buddy-Cop Comedy

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  • Action & AdventureComedy
  • Paul Feig
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Marija Loncarevic
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The Heat: Not-So-Hot Buddy-Cop Comedy

Buddy-cop comedies featuring two female leads are very rare indeed. Not since the release of the box-office flop Feds back in 1988, has anyone dared ruffle the feathers of this particularly male dominated genre. Bridesmaids director, Paul Feig hopes to put a fresh angle on this already evolved genre by casting two of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood today, including Melissa McCarthy. It’s unfortunate that his undeniable efforts are less than amenable.

Meet Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock); a by-the-numbers, over-confident FBI agent who, despite the heat she gets from her peers, is pretty good at her job.  Hoping for a promotion, it’s even more important that she tracks down a notorious, Boston-based drug lord.

Upon arrival in Boston, and with the help of local FBI Agent Levy (Wayans) she immediately begins interrogating a local drug dealer (Reasons). However, her nosing around doesn’t go down too well with the larger-than-life and foulmouthed detective Shannon Mullins (McCarthy), who is not shy to show her immediate dislike to the goody-two-shoes agent. Naturally, the unlikely duo –  after a few rather unintentionally unamusing squabbles – eventually bond and find a way to put away their differences for the sake of the case. Their investigation soon leads them to a few unexpected developments and the two law enforcers soon realise they need each other more than they would care to admit.

Throughout the film, the chemistry between the leading roles was lacking, meaning that every scene felt forced and unnatural. McCarthy, whose generally likeable on-screen presence made her the star that she is today, offered only a couple of amusing moments. However, her over-the-top and generally vulgar outbursts were rather off-putting. Unfortunately Bullock seemed lost and uncomfortable in her role and because of this, failed to bring any substance to the story-line.  

Penned by the Parks and Recreation writer, Katie Dippold, The Heat sells itself as the comedy of the year, however the film is in fact unforgivably unamusing. With an astounding over-use of the ‘F’ word, the film is both vulgar and humourless and brings nothing new to the lady-cop genre; one that should have been left in the past long ago.

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