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The Hurricane Heist

The Hurricane Heist: A Perfect Storm, but Is That It?

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The Hurricane Heist: A Perfect Storm, but Is That It?

The Hurricane Heist, as the title reveals, follows a super storm occurring in simultaneity with an attempt to steal 600 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Treasury led by former employee, Perkins (Ralph Ineson). Perkins partners up with agent Casey (Maggie Grace); he needs her because she has the pass code for the vault containing the money. Also dragged into the mix are two brothers: Breeze (Ryan Kwanten) is a technician who is called to the treasury to fix the generator and Will (Toby Kebbell), who is attempting to save Breeze by way of helping Casey. The plot is complex and rich, but the characters are not.

While the combination of a heist and a storm –which was a visually and contextually outstanding concept- has so much potential, the execution of the complicated plot was confusing and barely comprehensible. The opening sequence told the story of the two brothers and how they had lost their father to a storm. This was followed by an introduction to the several supporting characters and, since there were so many characters, the intro was very confusing.

The film’s flat script was another issue. Indeed, instead of creating relatable and realistic characters, the script actually de-characterised the film’s protagonists in a manner which negatively impacted the actors’ performances. This former point applies to the characters Will, Breeze and Perkins. Being the only exception, Casey was the most relatable and lovable character; this is largely due to Maggie Grace’s surprisingly good acting skills.

Ultimately, the best part about the film is its perfectly executed storm shots; these shots are arguably what prevented us from leaving the film early. All in all, while The Hurricane Heist is a goldmine for natural disaster films fans, those who are looking for a heist movie with a comprehensible plot line and compelling characters will surely be extremely disappointed.


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360 Tip

In the trailer, viewers are told that the heist is planned during the monstrous hurricane that is pushing 600 miles per hour. The Great Red Spot, a massive hurricane on Jupiter that can fit two Earths in it, is also a 600-mile-per-hour storm.

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