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The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie: Not ‘Everything is Awesome’, But it’s Still Pretty Great

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The Lego Batman Movie: Not ‘Everything is Awesome’, But it’s Still Pretty Great

Marking the first spinoff of 2014’s The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie ­is everything that you would have expected it to be.  Whacky, funny and at times even genuine and heartfelt, it’s clear from the start that a lot of hard work was put into bringing all of the intricate parts to life. While the movie could be perceived as just another excuse to sell more Lego, there is enough of story here to make you look past its flaws.

Hailed as the long-time saviour of Gotham City, Batman (Arnett) has gotten used to fighting off evil on his own and has enjoyed the ever-lasting praise and adoration he recieves from the public over the years.  However, his world soon comes crashing down when the police commissioner, Jim Gordon (Elizondo), decides to step down, leaving his daughter, Barbara (Dawson), to take his place. Unlike her father, Barbara would like Batman to work together with the police, but Batman who has committed himself to a solitary lifestyle – something that doesn’t really sit well with his loyal butler and confidant Alfred (Fiennes).


However, after much resistance Batman is soon forced to change his ways after he accidentally agrees to adopt a young orphan named Dick Grayson (Cera). Meanwhile, the Joker (Galifiankis) – whose feelings were hurt when Batman told him that he means nothing to him – is busy cooking up a plan, one that will force Batman to admit that he is in fact his greatest enemy.  Releasing a legion of dangerous supervillains from their confinement in the Phantom Zone, Batman realises that he will need all the help that he can get and joins forces with Dick and Barbara in order to fight off the destruction that is soon to come.

Directed by Chris McKay, The Lego Batman Movie manages to deliver in the face of accusation that it’s nothing but a pure cash-grab by offering the same quality witnessed in the first movie and by delivering a truly amusing animated parody about the toy-block version of the Caped Crusader.  The story, penned by a total of five screenwriters, is filled with quick one-liners and a long list of references to everything Batman which is both clever and amusing, however, those who are not fans of The Dark Knight might feel a little left out.


Visually speaking, the technical approach to the story is pleasing and just like the story itself, the main inspirations are drawn from a variety of Batman films – particularly The Dark Knight trilogy – giving the movie a solid base from which to build on its colourful and often hilarious satires.  The voice-acting is equally commendable; Arnett is hilarious and plays the egotistical jerk card seemingly well, while Cera, as the young boy completely in love with his new ‘father’, is especially endearing in his portrayal.

On the whole, everything works and although the jokes do go a little bit stale at times and tend to overstay their welcome, the entire effort is still pretty admirable. Go check it out, you won’t regret it.

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360 Tip

In early casting, Guillermo del Toro and Steve Buscemi were the front runners for voicing Bane and The Joker, respectively.

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